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Encourage Creative Architects with the Mighty Makers Home Designer Building Set from K'NEX {Review & Giveaway}

Although my daughters often have opposite interests when it comes to things like princesses and cars, there are those seldom times when companies manage to incorporate aspects that entertain and amaze them both.

Most recently, it has been wonderful seeing them play, create, imagine, dream, and construct together (over and over again) with the endless possibilities, colors and adventures that occur in the Mighty Makers Home Designer Building Set from K'NEX.

Mighty Makers Home Designer

The most innovative and fastest growing construction toy company, K'NEX products are sold (and enjoyed) across the globe. With the ability to provide fun and enjoyment for kids while mixing in the strong educational aspects of building, balance and critical thinking, these unique small connectors manage to accomplish big things.

While we have played with a wide variety of amazing K'NEX products in the past, I wasn't familiar with the Mighty Makers line of products. But as soon as I saw that these innovative sets are designed to encourage girls to build and explore, I knew that they would be perfect for my daughters.

It was time to see the Home Designer Building Set in person so that they could start building their dream house from the ground up!

Mighty Makers Home Designer Building Set

Upon opening the Mighty Builders box, I felt apprehensive about the 433 K'NEX parts and pieces included in this set. What kind of time commitment was this toy going to entail and would my children become overwhelmed trying to play with it?

K'NEX Mighty Builders

Fortunately, I was happy to see that K'NEX had (as usual) included large, clear, colorful step-by-step instructions that showed me where every last piece was to go in creating the frames, walls, furniture, and more for each of these houses.

K'nex Mighty Makers instructions

Together, it took Big Sister E, Little Sister B, and I around an hour to snap together these small, colorful, uniquely-shaped pieces, construct the furniture, and put the finishing touches on the interiors. It was time for the miniature Brianna and Sophia figures to move in!

K'NEX Mighty Makers Home Designer Building Set

The details in these houses really come together perfectly! While K'NEX easily could have made the entire Home Designer Building Set less complex and much simpler to construct, it was immediately evident that that would have been so much less fun!

Everything from the ceiling fan that really spins to the shutters on the windows (that open and close!) to the pint-size bed, chairs, lamp and drafting table for these little architects... the list goes on and on. Plus, while the directions show how to build and where to put items, it is obvious that young engineers can construct and customize each house any way that they choose.

K'NEX Mighty Makers Home Designer

As an added bonus, at the back of the instruction booklet there is information about visiting the K'NEX website to find even more ideas and directions for taking our colonial and ranch houses and turning them into one large brownstone — Little Sister B has already asked to get started on the building process!

In the meantime, however, both girls have had a great time playing with Brianna and Sophia and putting them through all sorts of adventures...

Mighty Makers review

...while also putting their own architecture skills to work to create their own constructions, both big and small.

In short, although our Home Designer Set was originally assembled per the instructions, there really is no right or wrong way to put these pieces together. A child can keep the houses as is or simply remove parts, move them around, build them taller or wider, or simply start snapping them together in any random order to build whatever fabulous ideas they might dream up!

K'NEX review

If you have a girl in your life that loves to build, the Mighty Makers Home Designer Building Set just might be the perfect gift for her. This unique, buildable, customizable set can be changed time and again and is only limited by creativity and imagination!

Retailing for $49.99 and recommended for ages 7+, this brightly-colored set can be purchased on Amazon or in Target, Toys 'R' Us or Walmart stores near you. You can also find out more about this and all of the adorable Mighty Makers products by visiting and connecting with them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Thanks to the generosity of K'NEX, one person will get to enjoy seeing their child build and create as well, because...

One lucky person will win a Mighty Makers Home Designer Building Set
from K'NEX!

A big thank you to K'NEX for providing a Mighty Makers Home Designer Building Set for me to review as well as for one lucky giveaway winner. The opinions shared are my own and honest if you really need to see more, click here to see how I roll.


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