Monday, November 23, 2015

LuLaRoe Leggings, Dresses, Tops, and Skirts: Simply Comfortable, Extremely Stylish, and Very Addictive {Review & Giveaway}

My confession...

Over the course of my blogging career, I have found many products, companies, and brands that I have loved and have continued to purchase after having had the chance to write a review.

However, I feel it is my duty to properly prepare you for the complete and utter amazingness that is going to follow below. What will happen is that you will see the beautiful items available, you will find that I am only one of MANY who rave about them, you will make a purchase thinking that you'll try just one... and you will be hooked.

It is too late for me, as I have a full-blown addiction and spend my days drooling over all of the styles, colors, designs, and more that I must own. As for you, I now invite you into my world. Will you join me in my obsession?

LuLaRoe logo

Aside from a very brief memory or two, I don't remember ever really loving any of my clothing.

Not that it was the clothing's fault, of course, but let's face it, the majority of us women have body issues and no matter how much we try to boost our self-esteem or confidence levels, it can just be difficult to look in the mirror sometimes. We are our own harshest critics, after all.

Needless to say, I've spent years not really all that excited about getting dressed. I'd either stay comfortable in yoga pants or sweats (all the while knowing that I didn't look like I cared about my appearance) or I'd manage to pull on a pair of jeans (and constantly be counting down the minutes until I could take them back off) but neither gave me the feeling of being happy with the image I was projecting to the world.

Two months ago I received an email that, unbeknownst to me, would change all that.

I was introduced to a company that takes women's clothing (kids' too!) and makes it chic, flattering, and as gorgeous to look at as it is to wear. Whether you are more modest or more daring, prefer solids or patterns, or simply want to feel good when you open your closet, it is all there in LuLaRoe.

LuLaRoe clothing

Founded by one woman and her husband, LuLaRoe (named after the couple's grandchildren) makes me smile on multiple levels. First, it offers affordable, stylish, amazingly comfortable clothing for every age and every size. Think you are too short or too old or too curvy or too anything? You're NOT when it comes to LuLaRoe, as their pieces are made to flatter each and every wearer and are available in size XXS — 3X.

As a bonus, LuLaRoe is constantly coming up with new fabric designs to produce their clothing and only makes approximately 1,000 items of each kind in each print. The result is that the clothes are more unique than those you will find mass-produced in the mall and the chances of showing up at a party or running into someone out in the community wearing the same outfit is extremely small. You'll look amazing all on your own!

LuLaRoe looks
Real ladies of all different ages in a variety of sizes showing off their love of LuLaRoe!

Second, LuLaRoe provides a self-empowerment opportunity for its consultants, as this clothing is not sold in stores or on a single website. Instead, there are consultants from coast to coast that are able to set their own pace and schedule, not to mention offer their own great promotions and sales. They sell this beautiful apparel online directly from private Facebook groups or host in-home 'pop-up boutique' events allowing customers to see and try on items in person before purchase.

I love knowing that my addictive shopping is helping to support women (and a few men) who have taken the plunge to be a part of the LuLaRoe family!

But... if I'm being truly honest, I do have to point out that not all LuLaRoe consultants are equal in terms of the amount of time and care that they put into their business. Call me picky, but if I am going to spend money on clothing, I want to see clear, quality photos and receive items that have been checked over for any imperfections before they show up at my door.

Essentially what I'm saying is that yes, there are hundreds of LuLaRoe consultants. But when it comes to where I want to shop to know that I will be taken care of in a professional, helpful way and will always receive fantastic clothing for myself and my daughters? I simply look directly to LuLaRoe with LeeAnn.

LuLaRoe with LeeAnn

Located in the Orlando, Florida area, LeeAnn's LuLaRoe shop on Facebook is my very favorite for a number of reasons (side note: I belong to a large number of LuLaRoe groups, so this isn't just any list, this is 100% my personal experience).

1. Quality photos. As I mentioned above, if I'm buying clothing and can't see it in person, I need to see a good picture. LeeAnn not only individually styles her LuLaRoe on a mannequin (and hangs the leggings) to show a full length shot, but she also includes a close-up photo to give a good look at the colors and patterns.
LuLaRoe Amelia dress

As the perfect addition, she includes the size right of the item right there, where it can't be missed and customers don't have to hunt around or ask questions. (Bonus: Items that have been sold, paid for, and shipped off to their new home are removed to eliminate any confusion or get anyone's hopes up that they are still available.)

2. Every single item is inspected for flaws. Each and every one, no matter if a shipment LeeAnn receives contains 10 dresses or 100 dresses. I can't help but appreciate how much she cares that her customers receive apparel in perfect condition!

3. A loyalty card. I don't know about you, but if I can get something free just for shopping, I'm a happy camper! LeeAnn offers an automatic loyalty card that provides customers the ability to 'Buy 10, Get 1 Free' in each of the three main categories of clothing (Leggings; Dresses, Skirts, Tops; or Kids' Items). Simply return to her shop to buy more LuLaRoe because you will want to buy more after you have bought one and you're on your way to getting an item FREE!

LuLaRoe women's clothing

If you're still here and haven't already clicked over to LuLaRoe with LeeAnn to see what gorgeous items are available in your size, what are you waiting for? There are four different styles of dresses, three skirts, and three tops to choose from for women, five different clothing options for kids, and, the LuLaRoe pièce de résistance, leggings.

Prior to trying them myself, I had heard LuLaRoe leggings described as "butter leggings" due to their softness and had always rolled my eyes a bit. How soft could they truly be? Not to mention, why was it that this brand kept popping up all over online as more and more people pledged their love to it?

Then a selection of items arrived for my girls and I and I would never question LuLaRoe again.

LuLaRoe review

The bright colors, the fun patterns, and the soffffffftttnessssss... we couldn't be much more excited about these LuLaRoe goodies!

LuLaRoe reviews

The Sloan Tee is perfect for not-as-girly Big Sister E and Little Sister B can't stop twirling every time she wears her adorable Azure Skirt. At the same time, I adore how the Irma Top is the perfect complement to leggings so that there is no worry about any "assets" being uncovered... and the leggings themselves? I'm convinced that they might actually be made from butter. So. Incredibly. Soft!

While we all donned our LuLaRoe with sandals or flats back when it was warmer out, now that winter has arrived here in Midwest these pieces are so versatile and perfect for layering that they continue to be daily favorites. Throw on a sweater and boots and you're ready to Roe the whole year through!

LuLaRoe family pictures

You've got to take a look at LuLaRoe for yourself to see their huge, ever-changing selection of gorgeous apparel, so head over to LuLaRoe with LeeAnn right now and click 'Join Group' to get started browsing.

Then you'll not only be set to look through all of the albums of apparel, but you'll be on top of things to learn about special discounts and new inventory when they are available (psst! Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday sales are coming up shortly! Perfect time to try LuLaRoe while saving even more money)!

Also, if you are in Florida and within 150 miles of Orlando, be sure to let LeeAnn know if you are interested in hosting a pop-up boutique. Invite your friends, have some drinks and snacks, and see the full selection of LuLaRoe right in the comfort of your own home... and hostesses earn one free item for every 10 items sold at their pop-ups, so it is another great way to earn FREE clothing!

Have more questions about LuLaRoe, how it works, what sort of magic is involved, or how you too can work part time while earning a full time income as a consultant? Contact LeeAnn!!


If this is the first that you're hearing about LuLaRoe, know that it won't be the last. This fantastic brand has been around for only a few years but is taking the country (and the world!) by storm. Try just one pair of their ultra soft leggings or one amazing dress, skirt or top and I dare you to not cast all others aside and declare your devotion as well — each piece has the ability to make you feel so beautiful as soon as you put it on!

Thanks to the generosity of LuLaRoe with LeeAnn, one person will soon be wearing their own favorite apparel while feeling confident and gorgeous as well, because...

One lucky person will win a $60 gift certificate (including FREE shipping!)
from LuLaRoe with LeeAnn!

LuLaRoe gift certificate
This gift certificate covers ALL of the current inventory offered in the shop! I'm SO jealous!

A big thank you to LuLaRoe with LeeAnn for providing a variety of LuLaRoe samples for me to review (and become addicted to) and a $60 gift certificate for one lucky giveaway winner. The opinions shared are my own and honest and if you really need to see more, click here to see how I roll.