Sunday, February 7, 2016

Small But Powerful: Overcoming Challenges on the Way to Greatness {#SmallButPowerful}

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Although there are plenty of men that look like stereotypical football players (i.e. big and beefy) that will be a part of tonight's Super Bowl, there is something that I find inherently appealing about the little guy. Is it rooting for the underdog? Or just relating to being the odd man out?

Or possibly it is just knowing that size isn't always in direct correlation to power when it comes to a lot of things in life. The biggest cars aren't always the best; there are plenty of tiny dogs that are just as amazing as their larger counterparts; eating a giant chocolate cake instead of a small slice may just leave you with a stomachache; and more.

Another example? Tide Pods that, while small, are incredibly effective at keeping my family's clothing clean and stain free. This 3-in-1 detergent (detergent, stain remover and brightener all in one) dissolves quickly in both hot or cold water and can be used in HE or traditional machines. I absolutely love the ease, convenience and effectiveness!

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But let's go back to talking people, because there is no shortage of incredible heroes, politicians, athletes, servicemen and women, athletes, and many more that may be small but are still extremely powerful.

I have personally admired many men and women who have overcome diversity and obstacles in their lives and careers but one who immediately comes to mind due to being small in stature (and a female in a male sport) is the incredible Becky Hammon.

There is no doubt that being the first full-time female assistant coach in NBA history could be a little daunting, but Becky has taken it all in stride as just a part of her #SmallButPowerful story. Take a look at this amazing short video that just oozes her toughness!

Becky Hammon

While I have encountered a wide variety of challenges in my life, one that always immediately comes to mind occurred nine years ago this month.

Before Big Sister E was born, ultrasounds had shown that there was a defect in one of her ureter tubes (the tubes that connect each kidney to the bladder). Once she was here, doctors performed all sorts of scans and tests to determine the severity and the likelihood of the issue resolving itself... but, in the end, surgery was the answer.

baby renal scan
One of many pre-surgery renal scans.

Just seeing your child get hurt can tug at a mother's heartstrings, but handing my first baby over for surgery? Whew, it was easily an obstacle that I wouldn't want to relive.

But of course my incredible girl was plenty #SmallButPowerful and came through surgery with flying colors. Further checkups and scans proved it had been wildly successful and, nearly a decade later, Big Sister E is completely healthy and of course has no recollection of the event at all. In fact, other than the photos and the scar on her back, she might otherwise not believe me that it happened!

baby surgery
Surgery day!

What challenges have you conquered or obstacles have you overcome? We are all #SmallButPowerful in our own way!