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Providing Protection, Moisture and Flavor to Lips Everywhere: ChapStick {Review & Prize Pack Giveaway}

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While the majority of people think of the same common items that are must-haves when heading out the door (e.g. phone and wallet), there is one more essential that I need with me at all times: lip balm.

Whether I'm heading out to run errands, taking my girls to play dates, meeting friends for coffee, going to dinner with the whole family or more, I just can't take the feeling of having dry, cracked lips.

Not to mention that this everyday essential also protects and visibly improves the appearance of my lips at the same time, so is it any wonder that I've gone as far as to attach a pouch specifically for my lip balm right onto my keychain? Now there's no chance that I'll be out and find myself wishing my favorite beauty product was there, too!


As you can see, this great little portable pouch isn't just designed for any old lip balm, it is perfectly sized for the one legendary beauty staple that has held my lips' loyalty year after year: ChapStick.

With a specialized formula for every lip need, ChapStick is the tried-and-true product that is found in purses and pockets from coast to coast (and across the world)!

keychain ChapStick holder

It is no secret that ChapStick helps us achieve moisturized and hydrated lips no matter our age or the season (it is especially a must in the cold, dry winter air!), but did you know that there is an entire collection of ChapStick products, each with their own specialized benefits?

From focusing on relieving dryness to providing a silky feeling to offering a sweet flavor, I was looking forward to expanding my ChapStick horizons to see more of what the full product line contains.

ChapStick review

My lips were tingling as soon as I opened the box!

Starting with the ChapStick Classic Range in Original, Strawberry, Cherry, and Spearmint, I was immediately pleased that these were indeed the lip balms that I have always known and loved. As the brand was created more than 100 years ago, there really is no need to look elsewhere for the #1 name in protecting and moisturizing lips!

Keep it Original, toss in fun fruity flavors like Cherry and Strawberry, or keep it fresh with Spearmint; these ChapStick Classic Range varieties are perfect for each and every day.

ChapStick Classic Range

When you know that your lips are going to be taking on the elements than usual, ChapStick Sun Defense offers a conditioning formula, including sun protection with SPF 25. Winter, spring, summer and fall, this unique ChapStick prevents and temporarily protects chafed, chapped or cracked lips. Don't even think of hitting the slopes this winter without it!

ChapStick Sun Defense

If your lips do end up needing a little extra TLC, however, ChapStick Medicated is the perfect answer. Whether you are feeling under the weather or just need that extra boost of hydration, ChapStick Medicated quickly soothes and seals in moisture with a light, protective barrier to help heal dry, chapped lips.

ChapStick Medicated

For an extra boost of hydration, the ChapStick Moisturizer collection (I sampled the Raspberry Crème, Original, Green Apple, and Vanilla Mint varieties) feature special moisturizing ingredients such as Aloe and Vitamins that leave your lips feeling soft, supple and silky in winter or summer.

I love that these are not only delicious but that their ultra hydrating formula really does leave my lips feeling like they have locked in some extra saturation!

ChapStick Moisturizer collection

Finally, if you are looking to treat your lips to a refreshing and fruitful getaway, the ChapStick Tropical Paradise Collection is the solution to bringing the islands with you wherever you go.

These tropical inspired, fresh fruit flavors are reminiscent of warm weather and an island breeze and come in amazing Mango Sunrise and Aloha Coconut varieties (the latter is available exclusively at Walmart stores).

ChapStick Tropical Paradise collection

No matter if you prefer original or fruit flavors, need traditional or extra protection, or simply are like me and don't leave home without the go-to lip balm product that always keeps lips soft and smooth, there is a ChapStick flavor and formula for everyone. Which one is right for you?

To find out more about these and all of the other fantastic ChapStick products available, be sure to visit and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

Plus, thanks to their generosity, one person will be prepared to keep their lips soft and protected for quite some time to come, because...

One lucky person will win a complete ChapStick prize pack*!

*Prize Pack contains one each of the following ChapStick varieties: ChapStick Classic Range in Original, Strawberry, Cherry, and Spearmint; ChapStick Moisturizer in Raspberry Crème, Original, Green Apple, and Vanilla Mint; ChapStick Tropical Paradise Collection in Mango Sunrise and Aloha Coconut; ChapStick Sun Defense; ChapStick Medicated.

The ChapStick® product, information and monetary gift have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. The opinions shared are my own and honest and if you really need to see more, click here to see how I roll.


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