Monday, August 8, 2016

Inspiring and Beautiful Gifts from Think Pray Gift {Review}

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When it comes to gift giving, I'm often left... stumped.

After all, as much as it's fast and convenient to pick up items at the store that can be bought prepackaged and ready to go, I always try to keep a lookout for companies that can provide something with... a little more. That uniqueness that is going to make my recipient know I care and that I put the time and thought into finding something that feels made just for them.

My favorites in particular are the ones that not only demonstrate durability and high quality, but are also innovative, beautiful, and have that extra stand-out-from-the-crowd aspect to them. After all, who wants their present to be just like those given by everyone else?

Add in the possibility of gifting something that is designed to bring hope and joy to my recipient's everyday life? Win! Clearly I must be shopping at Think Pray Gift.

Think Pray Gift

Founded six years ago by a husband and wife team in Minnesota, Think Pray Gift believes that a small amount of inspiration each day can have a tremendous lifelong effect. This isn't just another website that offers mass produced, generic items that are destined to be re-gifted or end up in a future garage sale, Think Pray Gift creates engaging gifts to inspire thought and prayer.

Their amazing Color Changing Story Mugs tell a story with an inspirational quote and eye-catching, changing artwork; their Block Art does more than simply display photographs, each one gives meaning or a thoughtful touch to a home's decor; their beautiful Angels embrace your mementos between praying hands; and much more.

And the results? It's clear that purchases from this talented company are just adorably gorgeous. The characters are friendly, the colors are inviting, the photographs are stunning... overall, the clean, crisp style of each and every piece is somehow both classic and modern. Why shop elsewhere when you can gift something so extraordinary that can also provide your recipient with hope and joy?

Think Pray Gift items

I couldn't wait to see an item from Think Pray Gift up close and in person, but the decision-making process wasn't easy when there were so many wonderful choices. After finally selecting the Wall Art message boards, I found that deciding on a single favorite was still difficult.

With 36 designs to pick from (perfect for matching every taste and home decor), I could picture just about all of them on our walls!

However, when the Pug Be You Secret Dry Erase Board arrived, I barely had the box open before knowing with certainty that I had made the right decision.

Think Pray Gift Wall Art

Well-wrapped and packaged to prevent any sort of possible damage, I pulled my new art out right away to inspect the quality and utter cuteness inside.

Think Pray Gift review

I mean, come on. Look at that cute little pug face! We have a few other pieces of unique animal art around our house, so this furry guy (in his handsome little outfit!) fits right in.

And, thanks to the holes that come right on the back of this Wall Art, it took only a matter of minutes to have two screws level and in place for my pug to take his place on the wall.

Think Pray Gift dry erase board

But, wait. See the secret revealed right there?

That's right, this isn't simply a piece of art on a canvas, it has a secret dry erase board tucked away right inside (and comes with a complimentary dry erase marker and eraser). Just push on the lower left corner and the door swings right open!

As well as having the perfect place to leave "hidden" messages to each other, I adore the continuation of the message from the front of the Wall Art to the inside. This one clearly states "Be You" on the front —which is a wonderful, encouraging statement all on its own— but then finishes with "Everyone Else Is Taken" inside. Both of my girls find it hilarious!

Be You quote

While our Pug Be You Secret Dry Erase Board has been used a few times for practical reasons (Big Sister E really wants it to be a menu board for the week but is slowly coming to terms with my laziness in meal planning), I especially love the way that the messages inside are more often simply random.

One day there will be a cute note from one person to another, the next day a large drawing, the following day someone else will have added their own touches to that drawing, the day after that I will have written a 'good luck at the swim meet' to the girls and a 'you rock' to my husband, and more.

But in the end? This Wall Art is doing exactly what Think Pray Gift intended, in that it is just one more way to help bring families and loved ones together and aid in making daily interaction possible. What more could I ask for?

family message board

Whether you are purchasing an item for your own home or are shopping for a delightful gift for an upcoming birthday, holiday, wedding, baby shower or more, Think Pray Gift has unique and creative options that you won't find elsewhere. The quality is superb, prices are affordable (these Wall Art boards are $31.99), and each item will bring a smile to your face every day. Love.

Head over to Think Pray Gift to see just how they can help add hope and joy to your next gift and be sure to find out more about this inspirational gift company by visiting and connecting with them on Facebook and Pinterest.

Other than the Pug Be You Secret Dry Erase Board I was provided by Think Pray Gift in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this post in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion about this product and this company.


raveandreview said...

So cute!

Brenda said...

I have a teacher friend that would absolutely love that! She loves pugs and as a teacher, she definitely uses dry erase boards. Thanks for the review.

JewelWood said...

This is such a cute item to get and have the kids put up notes and I can put up nice things to say to them!

pailofpearls said...

Makes me happy to look at these photos

Janet W. said...

The wall art is great and would make a nice addition around our house!

Rose-Marie said...

This is a nice concept, especially for gift giving. I do love the Pug Be You Secret Dry Erase Board!

slehan said...

That picture with the dry erase board behind it is a great invention.

slehan at juno dot com

tiffany dayton said...

They have lovely things.