Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No, seriously. Me?

It just doesn't ever get old to be told that someone likes your blog... and it sure doesn't hurt if they give you an award, too! Thanks so much to Natalee at Raising Normal Kids for giving me my second recognition, the Your Blog is Fabulous award.

This one is simple, with only two rules:

List five current obsessions and pass the award on to five more fabulous blogs.

My obsessions:

1. Keeping up with this blog! Now whenever we're doing things during the day I'll find that I'm thinking, hmmm, would this make a good post? and mentally trying to remember it for later. Although really, most of the things that we do are pretty boring and don't end up being posts. You're welcome.

2. Chocolate. It's a lose-lose situation around here with it because when we have some I just can't stop myself from eating it, resulting in the guilt I feel when the brownie pan is magically empty. And when we don't have any, I find myself scouring the house and every cupboard looking for something to end the craving. I need help! Or else I just need a patch that can dispense the chocolate straight into my bloodstream...

3. Taking pictures! As I mentioned in my picture tag post, I have millions of photos of my girls because I love to take pictures of them. Now, actually DOING something with them is another story. For now, at least I keep them somewhat organized and can usually find the one I'm looking for when I need it. Plus, I'm doing a pretty good job of not letting Little Sister B fall too far into the "second child syndrome" where they end up with no pictures or records of them as a child. I'll admit that I've probably slacked a tad bit, but I'm doing fairly well.

4. Preparing for potty training. Big Sister E is going to be 3 in October and we've been talking about using the potty for quite a while now. We've had some ups and downs with her sitting on it (with or without clothes) but she's the kind of kid that needs a little push to get her going, so I've been reading up and we've been watching videos and I'm planning a Potty Party this week. We'll see how it goes!

5. Practicing with Little Sister B and our new Ergo. I bought a Baby Bj├Ârn before Big Sister E was born and used it some, but she was always happy to sit in the stroller. I used it again with Little Sister B and as much as she likes being carried up where she can see everything, she's so HEAVY! She was nearly 19 1/2 pounds at her 6-month checkup almost 2 months ago, so I know she's well over 20 pounds now. My back just can't take having her strapped on the front of me and I've heard and read so many great things about the Ergo that when I saw one posted on Craigslist, I jumped at the chance. I've managed to get her into the Back Carry Position once by myself but it wasn't pretty and definitely not something that I'd do out in public (and without a soft bed behind us, just in case). I'm dying to practice some more!

Now to pass the award on. Here are my choices:

Clueless_Mama @ Guessing all the Way
Kristin @ One Day at a Time
Rebecca & Maggie @ Homemade Mamas
Cindy @ Cin's Out Numbered and Loving It
Alexis AKA MOM @ Running away? I'll help you pack.

Yes, Your Blog is Fabulous.


Alexis AKA MOM said...

LOL you crack me up! Thanks my dear. Ok I'll have to write it up now and remind myself to post tonight. Oh lord .... LOL :)

Cindy said...

Thank you! I am a little behind getting around this week to see the blogs and working on mine.

Love your blog, you are one funny Momma!! ;)

Stephanie said...

We have a lot of the same interests - blogging, taking pictures, ERGO practicing, etc.

But no potty training in this house. Our almost-3-year-old has been potty trained for almost a year and our 5-month-old is still a little too young for that. ;)


Unknown said...

feel the same about chocolate

knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com