Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well, honestly. Me?

With all that has been going on around here lately, I've been feeling a little low.

Then Sophia's Mom over at The Wannabe WAHM left me a wonderfully heartfelt comment that made me feel better. But to top it off, she also gave me an award! Who wouldn't be cheered up by receiving the One Lovely Blog Award?

However, I have to admit that I have two issues with accepting this award.

The first is that by posting how much I enjoy reading The Wannabe WAHM I have a sinking feeling that as soon as people follow her link and head over there, I'm not going to get them back. That's the problem with liking really great blogs. You recommend then, people read them and then they realize they rock more than yours. So, Sophia's Mom, can you just not have such a funny-but-not-too-funny-but-just-the-right-amount-of-humor-in-that-perfectly-sarcastic-sort-of-way-on-a-really-eye-catching-and-fun-to-read-blog type of blog? For a little while at least?

Second, even though this award isn't technically about the actual look of a blog, it is called the One Lovely Blog Award, so therefore the recipients' blogs should be lovely, right? The more blogs that I read, the more that I return to my own handmade template, tilt my head to the side and think, boy, I wish I knew more than ZILCH about design or html so that I could have a cute blog, too. At the moment, I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed that I'll be lucky enough to win a giveaway over on Eighty MPH Mom for a blog makeover by Subjective Beauty. If I don't win, well, maybe I need Google Blogger for Dummies or something. Oh, that really exists? Well, of course it does, those people think of EVERYTHING.

Now that I've dealt with my issues, let's move on to the award. I began to go through all of the wonderful blogs that I read and have discovered that this award has been floating around for a while (or else everyone else likes all the same blogs I do!) because I see it posted pretty much everywhere. Therefore, I will just say congratulations to all of the other wonderful Mommy Bloggers out there for taking the time out of your days to keep up with posting heartfelt, humorous, serious or informative posts on your blogs. And thank you for the support and kind comments that you've passed to me and to each other. Your blogs and your words are truly Lovely.