Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spotlight on PR!


Well, hi there. Thanks for stopping by.

I started this blog not so long ago and have been overwhelmed at all of the wonderful people that I have met and the friendships that I have already made. It's like there's this whole world of bloggers out there that had been hidden away from me and now that I have my own blog, I have gained immediate access to the club. You pushed the Publish Post button? Then let's teach you the secret handshake.

However, the group of people that I haven't had a great deal of contact with are PR Professionals. They don't seem to just be hanging around reading about my trips to the zoo or Little Sister B eating yogurt. Or, if they are, it hasn't made too many of them want to have me review their products (how they can resist Little Sister B's chunky cheeks, I'll never know). How do I meet the elusive PR? Fortunately for me, Tara @ Feels Like Home and Adrienne @ Adrienne’s House have opened up a wonderful opportunity to help make these connections. They are running a special Spotlight on PR during the entire month of August allowing bloggers like me to get involved and create and foster some new PR relationships. To do so, I start here and introduce myself.

As the title of my blog implies, the mail carrier is a very important person around here. I love reading reviews and entering giveaways, so every day it's exciting to see what the mail carrier will bring us. It's fairly common in my house to hear my almost-3-year-old say, "The mailman bring this?" when she sees something new on the table. What can I say? I've taught her well.

So what better way to spread the joy that I feel at reading a well-written review or winning a great giveaway than by passing it along to my readers? I write honestly, using humor and cute pictures of my daughters and when I like a product, I rave! See a sample of my past reviews and giveaways here:

Baby Things by Jessica (review)
Yoplait Whips! Summer Cool Down Prize Package (review & giveaway)
YoBaby yogurt (review)
Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets (review)
Solavie Desert Hair Care (review & giveaway)

I am interested in products from almost any category because I think there are so many great things out there, how could I exclude something until I, or my family, have tried it? As well as myself (a SAHM), I am married and have two daughters, Big Sister E (the all-knowing almost-3-year-old) and Little Sister B (an adorable, happy 8-month-old). Big Sister E loves books, toys (both for girls and boys), dress-up, coloring... pretty much anything and everything that entertains a toddler and gives a good indication of a product's worth just in her facial expressions. Little Sister B is into pulling herself up on her crib rails, speedy crawling, pulling my hair when I carry her in a backpack and is a great tester of all things baby. As much as my husband might tease me for always going on about new items that I have found or tried or won, he would enjoy being able to try out and review products directed at men (even if he wouldn't admit it).

If you are interested in having Thanks, Mail Carrier review and/or host a giveaway of one of your products, you can rest assured that my family spends time with each item and I take writing my review seriously and would never do a cut-and-paste type of write-up or just throw something together in order to get it done. You deserve more than that, as do my readers. Look at these faces, they mean business!

Thanks for visiting and reading my Spotlight on PR. If you would like to contact me, I'd love to hear from you at xpsundell {at} gmail {dot} com. Thanks to Tara and Adrienne for this opportunity. And thanks, Mail Carrier, for making this blog possible by bringing your little truck down my street and making my day with each new delivery.


Stephanie said...

Your girls are so cute! I'm lovin' the props (especially the crown). :)


Theta Mom said...

Good luck with the reviews and everything! Your girls are so cute!

Angela said...

Such cuties. :)