Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Exclusive Activeion Ionator HOM Discount Coupon Code!


You didn't win my giveaway for an Activeion Pro cleaning machine. I mentioned that I'm sorry about that, right?

Fortunately for you, here's the next best thing. Activeion took notice to how many of you thought that their products are amazing (which they are) and wanted to thank you by giving you the opportunity to have a discount on their newest cleaner, the ionator HOM.

It's awfully pretty too, isn't it?

I mentioned this great little machine in my review and talked about how great one of these would be to have around the house. Since Activeion realized you're probably not doing professional-grade cleaning too often in your home, the ionator HOM was created for daily-use household cleaning and sanitizing. Whatever the surface you're looking to clean - glass, stainless steel, carpet, fabric, natural stone like granite or marble - the ionator HOM will get rid of dirt and bacteria (say goodbye to H1N1) using just tap water.

A quick reminder of the science lesson that I tried to give earlier (feel free to let Bill Nye show you in more detail) tells you that by charging and activating regular water, it is able to attract dirt like a magnet and lift it away from the surface. This gives you 30-45 seconds to easily wipe away the suspended grime and sanitize your home all without using any chemicals, so you know that you aren't putting your children, your pets or yourself at risk of anything toxic.

So what are you waiting for? Unless you can claim that you have no soils, stains, dirt, dust or oils on your countertops, carpets, kids' toys, windows, appliances, wood floors, tubs, showers, sinks, laundry... or that you don't mind the thought of spraying something possibly harmful on surfaces where little hands will touch before going in their mouth... the ionator HOM is the solution.

What do you need to know to take advantage of Activeion's discount? Usually the ionator HOM retails for $169 (+shipping and taxes), but, when you get to the Confirm & Pay page of Activeion's online store, just enter the coupon code mailcarrier and you will receive $20 off of your purchase. Whether you buy one ionator HOM or multiple (a fantastic housewarming gift? A future birthday present?) you will receive $20 off of each one, simple as that.

This offer is open to everyone, no matter where you live! US and Canadian residents can easily order online, while any international customers are welcome to call Activeion at 763-428-0081 and reference the promo code mailcarrier to receive their discount.

This is the future of cleaning! Activeion says that "with just the ionator HOM and a faucet, you have a virtually endless supply of safe, sustainable cleaner" and that's completely true. This exclusive discount expires on January 31, 2010, so head over to Activeion today and take the next step in safely protecting your family.

(I didn't receive a thing in exchange for running this promotion with Activeion. Rather, I think their company and products are amazing and thought that if saving a little money would entice someone else to purchase and fall in love with their products, then of course I'll share!)