Friday, January 15, 2010

Winning Endless Creativity!

There have been a few days that the Bilibo from Kid O that we received from Oompa Toys is left alone. However, by far the majority of the times that my girls head into the play room, it gets sat in or stood on or worn or filled to the brim with smaller items. Just yesterday Big Sister E was sitting in the Bilibo while Little Sister B tried to peek in through the holes at her - it was a pretty humorous sight.

The lucky person that will get to see the endless ways that a Bilibo can entertain is...

Congratulations, Hobo Mama! I know your son is going to have a great time!

Thanks so much to everyone who came by and entered - Oompa Toys has so many wonderful things that I hope you had as good of a time browsing their website as my daughters and I had visiting their store!