Friday, January 22, 2010


My girls continue to get compliments wherever we go on their adorable custom shirts from My Emmy Baby. And why wouldn't they? The shirts are not only cute but they're personalized to show off their status as sisters - how could they go wrong?

The first number that chose as the winner of this fun giveaway belongs to a comment saying that person subscribes to Thanks, Mail Carrier by email. Unfortunately, Feedburner and I have gone over the list of email subscribers twice and that address is nowhere to be found. Sorry, no dice.

Therefore, the lucky person who gets to customize their own great shirt (and left a legitimate comment) is...

Congratulations, crystalf! I hope you enjoy selecting a wonderful shirt for your daughter!

My husband made a comment again the other day about my teeth looking white and all I could do was think how nice it was to use something as simple as EvoraPlus to have garnered such unprompted reactions. Who doesn't want fresh breath, whiter teeth and a healthier mouth just by letting a tasty mint dissolve on their tongue?

The two lucky people who get to try these out are...

Congratulations, Annie1 and remarker/fcffollower! Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who entered these giveaways, as well as the other great ones that are up and running right now!


Clueless_Mama said...

You always have the best winners posts. I still can't figure out how to copy the thing like you??