Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mail Delivery: Oh Plah! Teething Bracelet Review

It's a bad habit, but I compare my kids to each other. Not good, right? It isn't as if I'm pointing out that one is smarter or the other is more athletic though, but I can't help but catch myself saying "Big Sister E was never like that as a baby..." when Little Sister B does something that I'm not expecting or "How about you play like your sister?" when she pulls a pile of books down off of the shelf. They have similarities too, of course, but sometimes the contrasts are pretty noticeable.

One aspect that has been completely different with my girls is teething. Big Sister E never had a problem getting any of her teeth in, they just seemed to appear in her gummy smile. Little Sister B, however, cries and grabs at her mouth and has just had a hard time with teething since the beginning. Every time I turn around she's sticking something else into her mouth just to chew to get a little relief... and then crying more when it's something that I have to pull out or take away.

Imagine her surprise when I not only allow her to take a bracelet off of my wrist but actually encourage her to bite down on it.

Roundhouse Design Collaborative's Oh Plah! Teething Bracelets can function as a cool bracelet or as a teething toy for babies. French for "Here you go!" it is the solution to providing entertainment and an item to chew on while still being fashionable, stylish and fun for mom.

Constructed of medical grade thermoplastic, non-toxic, free of additives like phthalates, BPA, latex, lead and other heavy metals, Oh Plah! Bracelets have undergone a great deal of testing to make sure they are safe for babies and children of all ages. It's no wonder that they have received a long list of awards and a great deal of recognition for their ease of use, functionality, durability and innovation.

In fact, as well as being immensely popular with babies, Oh Plah! Bracelets are now creating buzz as providing a unique tactile experience for children with special needs who may have difficulty handling sensory input. The variety of shapes and textures make an Oh Plah! a development tool that can soothe or occupy the hands of so many children. What versatility!

Besides looking hip when I'm wearing it, my daughter seems to be magnetically attracted to the bright, shiny color and raised designs stamped on our Oh Plah! Bracelet. Little Sister B loves to examine the cuff, turning it this way and that, giving it a twist and a pull while running her fingers over the different surfaces before it goes into her mouth to soothe her poor gums.

As for me, I like that our Oh Plah! can come with us anywhere without me having to think about it. I simply pop it on my wrist and, until Little Sister B reaches for it, I look fashionable and modern. If we're out shopping, I would much rather have her little hands holding onto this bracelet than any number of other dirty, non-edible items that she would otherwise be reaching out to grab. If you have a child that is more likely to toss things down, there is a convenient hole in the back of the Oh Plah! that allows it to effortlessly be attached to a clip or loop so it won't get lost.

When we're home, the Oh Plah! is easily washed with soap and water (the dishwasher is too hot for it) and can even go in the freezer for when a chilled teether is needed - and I don't have to worry about any liquid chemicals being inside it like I do with some of our traditional teething rings. When Little Sister B isn't using it, even Big Sister E likes to play with the Oh Plah! and put it on and off or roll it around.

Available in six different colors with great names like Energy, Harmony and Serenity, Oh Plah! Bracelets are made in the USA and retail for $19.99. To top it off, years down the road when you no longer need or use it, simply send your Oh Plah! back to have it recycled - they'll even pay for shipping!

Thanks, Roundhouse Design Collaborative, for creating an eco-friendly, stylish accessory that moms want to wear and babies and children love as a toy or a teether. And, for always looking fashionable in your uniform when you brighten my day, thanks, Mail Carrier.

(Other than the Oh Plah! Bracelet I was sent from Roundhouse Design Collaborative, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and this great product and its benefits.)


MIG said...

This is a great idea since babies and little kids love to chew everything. If I had a chewable bracelet my son would be so happy!

mudmama said...

looks great! if the mail carrier brings me another babe, i will definitely keep it in mind! ;)

Juliana said...

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Great product!

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