Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mail Delivery: The Return of Rainbow Brite CD Review

Sometimes I wonder if my daughters will ever read one of The Babysitter's Club books or watch an episode of Punky Brewster or have a Cabbage Patch Kids doll... or any number of other things that I remember from my childhood. Am I getting that old that all of the fun things from my youth are going to be retired, one by one, until I'm surrounded by characters that I don't recognize?

Fortunately, Rainbow Brite has returned from the 80's. Although I'm not 100% happy with the changes to her appearance (she's now much more a tween than a kid), at least she is still a positive role model for young girls with her message of courage, kindness and hope. Who wouldn't like a friend who can always be counted on to make your heart a little lighter and your world a little more colorful?

Having never heard of Rainbow Brite before, Big Sister E was pretty intrigued even just looking at the vibrant characters displayed on the activity CD we received. As we sat down at the computer, the moment the theme song began to play, she was even more interested.

What we found was an entertaining collection of games, puzzles, music, printable coloring pages, a picture maker and more that were interactive and fun. Rainbow Brite, Moonglow, Tickled Pink and all of their friends were right at the tip of our fingertips, waiting for us to come visit their world and play and learn.

Big Sister E was a little too young to be able to fully control some of the activities on her own, but the concepts for most of them were easy enough for her to understand. Whether matching pictures (similar to the game Memory) or putting together a puzzle, she had a great time discovering Rainbow Land and everything that came with it. We had an especially good time creating our own coloring pages and custom pictures - each visit resulted in a new and different piece of art!

As well as Rainbow Brite's website, there is a new line of dolls hitting stores that are sure to be popular with all her fans around the country. In Target stores now and coming soon to Toys 'R Us, your little one can bring home their own favorite Rainbow Brite character to continue the fun in person!

I wouldn't mind a pair of those boots in my size, too.

Thanks, MomSelect and Hallmark, for bringing us the opportunity to introduce Rainbow Brite to Big Sister E and her friends. She's back to spread her positive message to a whole new generation! And, even though your uniform isn't all that colorful, you still brighten my day, so thanks, Mail Carrier.

(Other than the Rainbow Brite activity CDs that I was sent from from MomSelect and Hallmark, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of these characters, this website and the activity CDs.)


Anonymous said...
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Mandee said...

I have an award waiting for you on my blog

MIG said...

I loved Raibow Brite when I was a kid!

simplymerry said...

Yes, i had to refollow your blog - i just wasn't listed as following anymore. whether it was just a fluke or whether people have to refollow, i don't know, but you do have 829 followers without having to tell everyone to follow... so maybe it was just mine messing up. :)

jo said...

I love it when my kids like the same things I liked as a kid, unfortunately more and more things are disappearing..I am from Sweden so and I never heard of Rainbow Brite, but she looks like a lot of fun..

I am following you from the Mom Blogger's Google Friend Connect. . You have a great blog!