Friday, February 19, 2010


What kid doesn't need a playhouse? I loved all of your comments about the forts and playhouses that you built as a child or the ways that your children like to construct them now... a little imagination goes a long way, doesn't it? My girls have had a great time being creative in their eco-friendly playhouse from This Little Piggy's House, I'll often hear their continuous laughter as they go in and out the doors or pass toys through the window. And Little Sister B is constantly entertained by Big Sister E peeking down through the chimney!

The lucky person (and their child) that will get to construct and decorate their own playhouse from This Little Piggy's House is...

Congratulations, Elena! Have fun!

The first time I began looking through the impressive selection of items at Franklin Goose, I knew right away that I could spend the entire afternoon browsing and still not know which one was my favorite. Their commitment to not exposing their customers to unnecessary chemicals or ingredients is inspiring and the amazing products they offer are endless. How can you go wrong?

The lucky person who will get to do a little shopping at Franklin Goose with a $25 gift certificate $50 gift certificate (Wow! Franklin Goose decided that due to the great response from this giveaway that they would surprise the lucky winner with $50!) is...

Congratulations, Lindsey! I hope you don't have too much trouble deciding which fun things to buy!

There's something about wearing a great pair of modern, hip glasses that just improves your mood, isn't there? And, from reading some of your comments about the current pair of glasses that you are wearing (or trying to wear after the kids/dog/back pocket incident), it sounds like it's time to get some new ones! I'm still loving my First Lady frames and everyone is amazed when I say that they retail for under $55, including lenses! Why go back to spending a fortune on glasses when glasses from GlassesUSA can be delivered right to your door for a fraction of the cost?

The lucky person who will get to update their look with a new pair of glasses is...

Congratulations, mamawj! I hope you love your new glasses!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered all of these giveaways! There are other great ones going on now and a whole list of new, exciting ones to come that I hope you'll enjoy!


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