Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tommee Tippee Explora Drinking Cups {Review}

When Big Sister E was first really becoming a toddler and turning from an innocent, laid-back baby into her own opinionated little person, I called my mother. And apologized.

I don't have crystal clear memories from my childhood, but of the ones that stick out, I know I wasn't the easiest kid to deal with. Fortunately for me, my mom claims that she doesn't remember the same things I do... unfortunately for me, I think karma has begun to pay me back with two fairly stubborn daughters of my own.

Little Sister B is sweet and adorable and loving... and persistent. Very, very persistent. When she wants something, she goes for it. And when she doesn't want to participate in whatever you're attempting to make her do, oh, she won't do it. Therefore, every time that I've tried to get her to drink from a sippy cup, I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. She just tosses them aside (without bringing them anywhere near her mouth) and I am left wiping up the puddles. What's a mom to do?

As luck would have it, Tommee Tippee, an award-winning, number-one brand from Great Britain, is making its way across the United States and showed up at my door just in time. From bottles to pacifiers to cups to bibs, Tommee Tippee has a wide selection for all ages and stages of children. Their array of BPA-free infant and toddler feeding products are made to ease the transition into independence at mealtime for little ones everywhere and their Explora line is just what we needed around here.

Prior to the arrival of the Tommee Tippee cups, I had tried a variety of other styles with Little Sister B in hopes that she would find one that she liked. However, it seemed as though she either had to suck too hard (something she wasn't willing to do) or drink fast enough to keep from getting showered (she's not a fan of that, either) and the combination was leading to her refusal to use a cup at all, as well as a mess everywhere.

However, Tommee Tippee's Explora cups feature their advance-flo valve, an innovative way to remain completely spill-proof and leak-proof while requiring hardly any effort to get a drink. Starting with their Stage 1 trainer for 6+ months (shown at left) and moving all the way up to a Stage 5 insulated drinking cup, Tommee Tippee's cups each have a specific spout and grip depending on the needs of each age.

The bright colors and designs immediately caught Little Sister B's eye (Big Sister E was pretty exited about them too) and she was eager for me to hand one over. After examining it and giving it a taste or two, she seemed pleased with the new arrival. For me, the fact that no matter how much she shook it or whichever direction she held it, the cup didn't spill a drop.

After trying out both the Stage 1 and Stage 2 cups for a while, we are all still happy with the results. As well as being leak-proof, I have come to appreciate the other great features that the Tommee Tippee Explora line includes. The convenient flip-top hygiene cap keeps dirt and germs away and the fact that the tops to the cups are interchangeable across all of the Stages is really handy. I love that I just toss them all in the dishwasher and don't have to worry about which pieces go together when they come out.

Tommee Tippee items are available now at Babies 'R Us (and are coming soon to Toys 'R Us) and the Explora line retails for $4.99 for a single cup and $7.99 for a pack of two. Visit their website to find out information about all of their unique products and keep up with all of the newest Tommee Tippee developments by following them on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Thanks, Tommee Tippee, for bringing your high-quality and innovative products to the United States and sponsoring a blog tour to introduce them with Mom Bloggers Club. Now when I see Little Sister B happily tossing her cup around, I can rest easy that the milk is going to stay inside. And, for braving the snow to bring the box to my front door, thanks, Mail Carrier.

(Other than the Explora cups [two Stage 1 and two Stage 2] that I was sent from Tommee Tippee due to my membership at Mom Bloggers Club, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and their great products.)


Mandee said...

We love these cups! I can't wait to try the drinking cup for bigger kids as well. :)

annies home said...

I love these cups tommy tippy has been around a long time

fancygrlnancy said...

I have not seen these thanks!
Also, I have an award for you on my blog

Gale said...

I follow. I love the tall cups for toddlers...just holds more juice!!