Thursday, April 22, 2010

New $100 bills: 3-D technology at work

Have you been following the latest news from the Treasury? Apparently even though you won't have to put on special eyeglasses to get the full effect of the newly unveiled $100 bills, there really is 3-D technology at work inside of them. Yes, of the new security features that have been added to the improved currency, one is a blue "3-D Security Ribbon" with tiny Liberty Bells that magically morph into the number 100 when the bill is tilted (see the new bill below with the current design underneath).

100 dollar bill
Due to debut in February of 2011, the new $100 bill's 3-D strip is actually woven inside the bill itself instead of just being printed on the paper as with previous anti-counterfeiting methods. Considering Benjamin Franklin was the inventor of the first bifocal prescription glasses, I think he would be probably be pretty pleased at having such high-tech capabilities right next to his picture, don't you?

Other innovative techniques that are being implemented to thwart counterfeiters include color-changing images, embedded thread that will glow under ultraviolet light and The United States of America printed in extra-tiny letters (putting my glasses on to see that one!) that would probably be near impossible to duplicate. All of these cool improvements have pushed the appearance of these new bills back 3 years but will hopefully be worth it in terms of security.

These discount eyeglasses help me check out my money, that's for sure!

As for me, even though I wouldn't mind having an extra $100 in my pocket, I think I'd prefer smaller bills. I can't exactly pay for a $1 toy at a garage sale with a $100 bill, now can I?

(Yes, I was compensated for writing this post by GlassesUSA, a great site to get glasses online, but clearly that didn't affect what I had to say about their website as I was able to choose the topic and I think the new $100 bills are pretty cool.)


Kerri said...

awesome! love the pic! hehe soo cute!

jacque4u2c said...

Working in retail this new bill will be helpful!

Liz Mays said...

Those are wacky bills and cool glasses!

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Beso sounds like the best place. I usually use google shopping to find good prices. Happy Friday Follow :)

Smart Money Mom said...

Happy Friday! I already follow you, great post & pics!

Huckleberrygal said...

I am glad they are doing more to make money harder to copy. Thanks for the comment on my blog about your contest for a new blog design. It's nice to know that I am not the only one who finds the layouts so hard to makeover. The codes are just their own language lol! Happy Friday Follow. Happy to be a follower already :).