Saturday, August 27, 2011

Computer to Meeting: The Video Conference Solution

I don't claim to know or remotely understand half of the things that my husband does at work (even half is probably a stretch) but I do know some:

1. He works really hard.

2. He works long hours.

3. It's fairly common that it involves one of these:

No, he doesn't work in the airline industry, he just has to go to a lot of meetings with customers (or potential customers) of his company's computer software around the country.

Now, don't get me wrong, I appreciate every minute that he spends on his job... but the question that I have asked him multiple times over the years is this: Haven't they ever heard of web conferencing?

There are instances when he spends far more time at airports and on planes than at the actual meeting itself, so how can that be a valuable use of resources? Isn't it possible that the clients could receive the same information from an online meeting as they do with him there in person?

Having attended a few online events myself, it just seems as though taking part in a web conference is fast, easy and convenient. Simply turn on the computer, camera and microphone, log in to the meeting, and voila! Hours of travel time instantly saved.

Is there a possibility of errors or glitches? Well, sure. But in face-to-face meetings those same possibilities exist... and I would think that a software problem would be less of a hassle to fix than a delayed (or canceled) flight that can leave employees stranded.


I'm clearly biased in this situation because I'd just rather not have my husband head out of town all the time. But I also think that it seems like a logical answer... doesn't it?

If the kids and I can make a video call to stay in touch with their grandparents, why can't this technologically-savvy company get on board? They wouldn't even have to deal with 4- and 2-year-olds making faces in the background!