Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mom Central, Infantino and Step2 Afternoon Playdate at BlogHer '11

Disclaimer: I suck at remembering to take pictures and this event would be nothing without photos to show off the fun. A huge thank you to Lolo at Crazy About My Baybah for her extreme photography skills and for allowing me to display them here. This is one mama that knows how to wield a camera!

Mom Central ConsultingHas it really been three weeks since the hectic, crazy, entertaining events of BlogHer? With so many events, so much walking, and so much beauty found in San Diego, it really does take about that long to recover.

One of the activities that I've been able to look back on fondly was the afternoon playdate hosted by Mom Central, Infantino, and Step2. With a trio like that teaming up, how could you go wrong?

Coronado IslandHeld on beautiful Coronado Island, we arrived to find an amazing home filled with fun decorations, cute activities to take part in, and innovative new products from two brands that know all that there is to know about children.

After browsing around the home and enjoying the fun of rubber ducky-decorating, drawing on chalkboard tabletops, and sipping strawberry lemonade, I had to make sure that I spent ample enough time visiting the delicious candy bar.

candy barYum! I even filled up a colorful to-go box so that I could bring home some of these tasty treats for my girls... although there's a distinct possibility that not much actually made it back due to my delayed flights and my mindless snacking in the airport. At least the thought was there though, right?

Then it was time for a preview of the innovative upcoming products from Infantino and Step2, and, to no surprise, they did not disappoint.

Infantino's new Kimono Easy Wrap Carrier will be debuting this fall and is designed to make using a wrap easier for parents who are either new or veteran baby-wearers. Having tried a large variety of wraps and carriers over the past few years, there are a lot of great features that Infantino has included to make this one easy to use and versatile while providing plenty of safety, security and support for your baby.

Along with this unique carrier, we were able to check out the Infantino Right Angle Tummy Triangle, which was developed in collaboration with a Pediatric Occupational Therapist. Not only does this Triangle make tummy time more entertaining, but the incline was designed to help babies develop upper body strength and promote their sense of balance.

With the addition of the peek-a-boo mirror and crinkly busy bee, little ones are encouraged to reach and grab while working on head control, neck and arm strength, and more. What a great idea!

tummy timeFinally, Infantino's new Comforting Play Collection was on display and seeing all of these adorable characters in person was a lot of fun.

Infantino Comforting PlayDesigned to calm and soothe babies and promote development in a relaxed and comforting state, these rattles, crib toys, plush friends, and more have a gentle, peaceful feel to them. Infantino allowed us to get up close and personal with each of the characters with their Build a Gift Basket area and it was easy to see just how perfect they are for gift-giving.

handmade gift baskets©Infantino (That's me over on the left showing off my creative gift basket skills)

Along with marveling over Infantino's new products, Step2 has a variety of wonderful items up their sleeve for the future and we were able to have a sneak peek at what was going on in their world as well.

Inside the house we checked out the cool features of the upcoming Legacy Kitchen...

play kitchen...while also having a chance to view blueprints for future kitchens that are still in development. As some of these kitchens included aspects that I've never seen before in a play kitchen (that are really cool!), it was great that Step2 wanted our suggestions on which items we liked and which we didn't to get real moms' opinions. Love that!

We ended the playdate out in the backyard, where we were able to see a few more fun Step2 products, including the Up & Down Elephant, Wild Side Giraffe and Zebra, Block and Store Activity Table, and Grand Walk in Kitchen, all of which look really entertaining for kids of all ages!

All in all, it was a really fun afternoon and a great way to kick off BlogHer for me. Infantino and Step2 proved that they are yet again on the forefront of the products that moms, kids and babies like, want and need, and Mom Central knew just how to put it all together. Add in the fact that I was there with wonderful friends and this playdate is clearly one to remember!

Thanks to Kailani for this cute photo of us!

(Other than an afternoon of fun and a few adorable products that I was able to take home, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this post in any way. This recap is solely my opinion of these companies, their products and how awesome other people's photography skills are.)


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Leanne said...

Lovely wrap up - I love the new ideas for kitchens, too, and hope some of those designs are in the works before my kids are too big. As a side note: Man, I should have stolen pictures, too! Mine were a hot mess :)