Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crockpot Peach Cobbler Recipe {#DelMonte #CBias}

Crockpot Peach CobblerAfter tracking down the new Del Monte Diced Peaches with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar at Walmart (and loving them) recently, I have to admit that it took me a little while before I was willing to share them with my family. They're just that good!

But although I could have eaten every last tasty little cup while enjoying my Mommy Time, I also wanted to try this yummy combination of flavors in a more creative way than simply right out of the cup. I thought of peach pie, peach crumble, even a peach smoothie... but after wracking my brain a bit more, I came up with the answer that would not only be delicious but extremely simple to make:

Crockpot Peach Cobbler

1 cup biscuit mix
⅓ cup granulated sugar
½ cup brown sugar, packed
½ cup evaporated milk
2 teaspoons butter, melted
2 eggs
4 prepackaged cups (~4 oz each) of Del Monte Diced Peaches in light syrup with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
¾ teaspoon cinnamon


Lightly butter a slow cooker or cover with nonstick spray.

In a large bowl, combine both sugars and the baking mix. Add eggs and vanilla and stir until blended.

Pour in butter and evaporated milk and stir. Add in peaches and cinnamon and stir until well mixed.

Pour into the slow cooker. Cover and cook on Low setting for 5 to 6 hours or on High for 3 to 4 hours. I used Low and peeked in at 5 hours and felt that it wasn't quite enough, so I left it for another half hour (even though it smelled divine). This time when I pulled off the top, it looked ready to eat:

crockpot dessertsYou saw that picture at the top with the scoop of vanilla ice cream, right? Mmmmmmm.

The combination of the warm, sweet cobbler - that was just the right amount of sweet peaches, yummy cinnamon and delicious brown sugar - with the cold ice cream was just right. I could still taste the flavor of the light syrup from the Del Monte cups, but it wasn't at all overpowering to the dish as a whole.

Oh yes, it was definitely good.

And this time, I was even willing to share.

peach cobbler recipeOh, the #DelMonte goodness.

Yum! I'm always looking for more ways to use the crockpot (I love easy cooking!) and I never would have thought to try this if it wasn't for the Diced Peaches in light syrup with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar. Thanks to Del Monte, this is surely something that I'm going to have to make many more times in the future!

Find out more about these tasty peaches on the Del Monte website and keep up with all of their latest and greatest on Twitter and Facebook as well.

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Sippy Cup Mom said...

You are so clever! I want to try this!

Unknown said...

This is awesome! I'm totally going to make it!

Unknown said...

WOW! This looks great and easy! One of my favorite combinations! My family loves these peaches! I'll have to try this!

Jessica Allen said...

This looks so good! I love using my crockpot every chance I get! :) Thanks for sharing!

Carrie Phelps said...

This sounds so delicious! I wish I had a crockpot.

Sheila said...

What a great idea to make the cobbler in the crockpot! I never would have thought of it! Can't wait to try this recipe. :)

katsrus said...

This sounds so yummy. I didn't even know you could make stuff like this in a crock pot.
Sue B

Cassie said...

This looks so good. I just bought a pack so I know what I am doing with them!!

Anonymous said...

I HAVE to try this!!

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

This looks SOOO good!

Emily faliLV said...

Yummos! Looks delicious!

Christa @ Little Us said...

Love that you use the crockpot! I never would have thought to do that!

The Teachers Wife said...

OH YUM this looks SO delicious!! Can you make me some ;)

Greg said...

This looks great! I will be using this recipe for our Del Monte Christmas party here in Bentonville. Someone else in the office is using the recipe on one of the other posts (Cobbler in a glass jar).