Monday, November 14, 2011

Our excitement over being able to #sendCheer with Cheerios! {#CBias}

Cheerios logoLast week I was introduced to the Cheerios sendCheer campaign and was thrilled with the overall idea and message of it. It couldn't be much easier to show our support and appreciation for our military and their families than by enjoying a box of this much-loved cereal and getting to send out a postcard that is going to surprise and brighten someone's day!

All that we needed to do? Head to Walmart for some Cheerios shopping, of course!

WalmartStepping inside, we marveled at the size of the store for a minute (when they say Super Walmart, they really mean Super!) and then headed right over to look for the displays of Cheerios.

Unfortunately it turned out that there weren't any large displays or end caps featuring Cheerios and the sendCheer boxes, but one stroll down the cereal aisle...

cereal aisle...and voila! Right there in the General Mills section with all of the varieties of Cheerios sat box after box of cereal just waiting to be purchased to help spread some adoration to our troops.

Cheerios boxesBig Sister E and I were pretty excited about seeing the two rows of boxes and I could only laugh when she shouted out, "There they are, Mama! The Cheerios that send cheer!" The girl knows her stuff, what can I say?

Cheerios sendCheerGrabbing a few other purchases, we headed up to the counter to buy our Cheerios...

Cheerios...and head home to get started on our postcard.

happy car seatOnce home, I reflected again on just how simple Cheerios had made it to participate in the sendCheer campaign. By opening up their specially marked box, the instructions for sending our postcard were clearly printed right inside.

Cheerios sendCheer campaignAt this point I realized that I should have purchased two boxes (apparently going to the store with only one child made me forget that I have two), but my girls were more than happy to participate in this craft project and my almost-3-year-old didn't mind at all that I created a stand-in postcard for her to decorate.

craft projectAs it turned out, she seemed a little more interested in the Cheerios portion of the campaign anyway...

kids craft projectWe decided for the time being that we were just going to send the postcard on its own and then finish creating a full care package when we had more time using the rest of our art supplies. Plus, that way we could bake up some tasty treats to go along in the box. Something yummy such as Chocolate Cheerios Marshmallow Hearts or Caramel Crisp Bars, perhaps?

Cheerios recipesTaking a pause to show me how much she had decorated her postcard so far...

Cheerios postcard...Big Sister E spent a bit more time making sure that it was done to her liking and then couldn't get her shoes on fast enough to get out to the mailbox.

sending mailWe've been talking about that postcard cheering up a military family every day since! It was such a small and simple way to reiterate how appreciative we are of the sacrifices that the troops and their loved ones make and how much they deserve our respect.

Have you taken part in this awe-inspiring campaign yet? Don't miss it!

Cheerios sendCheerKeep an eye out at your local Walmart for these specially marked sendCheer boxes, pick up one or two, and help Cheerios and the USO make a difference for a deserving military family today.

After the separation, relocation, single parenting duties, economic stress and more, a postcard acknowledging our appreciation is not too much to ask and you'll feel proud that you (and your children) will have helped even in a small way.

Now someone pass me another bowl of Cheerios!

This post has been compensated as part of a sponsored charitable opportunity for Collective Bias but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.