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Glow Crazy Doodle Dome {Review & Giveaway}

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I'm convinced that there are some concepts that are indeed a bit... magical.

I know full well that there are scientific explanations for rainbows and fireworks and shooting stars, but somehow that doesn't make seeing them any less mysterious and fascinating.

Similarly, items that glow in the dark have the same effect. There's just something about things that illuminate and shine when all else is in the shadows that is a bit enchanting to kids (as well as adults like me).

Which is why I find myself just as excited by the fun, intriguing, enchanting craze that Techno Source's Glow Crazy line can provide.

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Designed for children ages 3 and up, Glow Crazy allows the user to have the chance to design their own unique glowing art with just a touch of a button. Great for car trips, sleepovers, anywhere in the dark and at nighttime, the Glow Crazy laser pen works up close or more than 10 feet away — simply point it, press the button and draw!

While we have had fun with the Glow Crazy Distance Doodler and the Glow Crazy Glow To Go in the past, as soon as I heard about the all new Glow Crazy Doodle Dome, I had no doubt that my girls would love being able to play in the dark anywhere, anytime of the day in their own portable glow art studio.

Glow Crazy Doodle Dome

The Glow Crazy Doodle Dome is the ultimate in portable glow-in-the-dark coloring and comes with everything you need to get started with this innovative technology.

As I pulled the items out of the box, I was happy to see that other than installing batteries (two AAA that are not included) in the Glow Crazy light pen and popping open the Dome itself, there wasn't much to do to get started doodling.

Glow Crazy Doodle Dome review

After pulling the Glow Crazy Doodle Dome out of its convenient storage/carrying case and unfolding it, the girls couldn't wait to peek in and crawl inside to draw, write and play games.

Glow Crazy Dome review

By pressing the single button on the Glow Crazy light pen, the kids immediately were enthralled with the way that the light showed up on the dome's special inner glow wall.

Whether they were putting on a light show, creating their own artistic endeavors, using the included stencils to create cool glow scenes, making fun silhouettes of themselves or just about anything on hand, or just watching in awe as their glow creations appeared and then faded away, the Doodle Dome was an instant hit!

Glow Crazy coloring

While the Glow Crazy Doodle Dome comes with a single Glow Crazy light pen, we had no problem adding in a second one of our own so that both girls could get in on the action at the same time.

In fact, the Doodle Dome proved to be just about the perfect size for the two of them to comfortably fit in to color together!

Glow Crazy Doodle Dome two kids

Allowing kids to play in the dark anywhere, anytime of the day in this innovative glow art studio, Techno Source has made their Glow Crazy collection an all-day activity with the Glow Dome.

While I do wish that more of the inside of the Dome itself was covered with the special inner glow wall so that there was a larger space to create art, the ease in which this item provides darkness for enjoying glow-in-the-dark possibilities really is a lot of fun!

Glow Crazy review

Including one light pen, four stencil sheets, the Doodle Dome and a handy carrying case, this creative technology allows for individual or group play has had my kids returning time and time again to continue magically coloring!

Available for purchase at Walmart, Kmart and Toys 'R Us stores stores nationwide and online at,,, and, the Glow Crazy Doodle Dome retails for approximately $19.99 (please note that many stores will have a limited amount in stock after the holiday season and the Glow Crazy Doodle Dome should be back in full-stock by the end of January).

And, thanks to the generosity of Glow Crazy, one person will soon be able to bring home the entertainment and amazement that this portable darkroom can provide, because...

One lucky person will win a Glow Crazy Doodle Dome!

Glow Crazy Doodle Dome giveaway


A big thank you to Glow Crazy for providing a Glow Crazy Doodle Dome for me to review as well as for one lucky giveaway winner. The opinions shared are my own and honest and if you really need to see more, click here to see how I roll.


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Rhonda C said...

My daughters would love to play with has been on their wish list for some time now.

ltlbitone said...

because thats what kids love to do

ltlbit1@hotmail dot com

Brooke Adametz said...

It includes coloring and a fort- 2 of their favorite things!

Kerry said...

My kids would have a blast with this because they love coloring and coloring in the dark in a tent would be a novelty for them

Julie said...

my daughter would love this because she loves to doodle and loves anything glowing

hebb dot julie at gmail dot com

Jessica said...

I know my daughter would love it because my nieces got one for Christmas and all the little kids were obsessed with it
jjak2003 at gmail dot com

Yesenia said...

My kids LOVE doodling and they LOVE glow in the dark stuff. They would LOVE this!
morales_y at yahoo dot com

cathy henatyszen said...

i think this is a great play toy for kids, my nieces little one would love it

Sarah S said...

This would really tap into their creativity! s2inamug at aim dot com

MRWriter said...

I would enjoy this even as a big kid.

Christine Jessamine said...

my kids would love this because they love glow in the dark items, they would have fun camping out in this!

Casey said...

There is a room like this at our local children's museum and my kids both loved it!! They would so enjoy this at our own house!!

Valerie Taylor Mabrey said...

think the grandkids would like it because it lets them create their own little world
vmkids3 at msn dot com

Amanda said...

My son loves coloring and anything glow in the dark this would rock his world!

Jill Myrick (jsc123) said...

My children love anything and everything that glows in the dark such as stars on the ceiling,planets etc. So I know that they would literally have too much fun with this.


ThriftyAnnabella said...

They already love playing in tents - this would be a fun tent to play in
annabella @ centurytel dot net

Anonymous said...

My daughter would get a kick out of this... right now she goes into the dark closet to see things light up.

Leenburke said...

My kids would love this even if it was only a tent ha! Great idea!

Eileen Burke

mtbears819 said...

My son loves to draw, this is very cool...he'd love it

corey1971 said...

My kids love arts and crafts of all types. (Corey Olomon)

Amy Delong said...

my kids love glow in the dark things

Michelle L said...

My kids would like it as "secret" place to play and see their projects in a different light.

Erica C. said...

They will like it since it'll let them be creative.

cassandra mccann said...

not only would my kids love this but my home school kids would love it too. i think this is so cool if i wasn't so big i would be in there with them

Christie said...

It just looks like alot of fun and something she could enjoy in this rainy Oregon weather.

Jo said...

My grandson loves tents and he loves to draw!!!!
jofo120 at yahoo dot com

Susan Smoaks said...

our son loves to play with glow in the dark stuff
susansmoaks at gmail dot com

amy16323 said...

my daughters would love this.they love to color

Anonymous said...

My son has always been fascinated by "glow in the dark" things and he loves to draw, so I know he'd love this!

Cheryl Reinhardt said...

My Grandkids love to jump and run and just be kids, they would love this!

lilyk said...

The Glow Crazy Doodle Dome looks very fun and entertaining!

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