Wednesday, April 17, 2013

RoomMates Peel and Stick Décor Wall Decals {Review}

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While I love my kids' imaginative ideas and love of everything creative and artistic, sometimes I just have to shake my head at their crazy artwork or strange outfit combinations. How they decide that orange polka dots and green plaid match together, I'll never know.

Therefore, although I'd love to let them express their personalities and select the décor for their own bedrooms, I have a hunch that the results wouldn't be all that pleasing to anyone over the age of around 7. Not to mention that kids' tastes often change with the seasons, so who wants to spend all the time, money and energy painting and decorating, only to have to redo it all again in a few months?

Instead, I love that it is possible to allow all of us to have a custom, stylish room in a quick, easy, affordable and non-permanent way thanks to RoomMates Peel and Stick Décor.

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Removable and reusable wall decals that stick to any smooth surface, RoomMates provide the perfect way to bring in everything from traditional to modern styles to your home without ever having to commit to something long term.

When it comes to kids, the wall decals from RoomMates are the easiest and quickest way to take kids' bedrooms from boring to beautiful in just a few minutes. Whether your child loves princesses, cars, pirates, dots, castles, sports, flowers, animals, space, fire trucks, construction, trees, famous characters or more, they have the selection to make everyone happy.

Around here, I have one girly girl and one tomboy, so when a package containing RoomMates products arrived, we were excited to see that they had nailed down each personality perfectly.

kids wall decals

As we looked over the Cars 2 Lightning McQueen Giant Wall Decal ($18.49) and the Disney Princess Wall Decals with Gems ($16.49), it was clear that these were going to be as fun and easy to apply as classic stickers... just on a larger scale.

Starting in Big Sister E's room, we began by unrolling the extremely large Lightning McQueen (16.75" high x 31.5" wide) as well as the additional bonus six smaller decals.

Cars wall decals

After pondering the placement for a while, Big Sister E had no problem laying this decal (and the smaller ones, as well) onto the wall and rubbing them flat.

We have tried various decals in the past and, at times, have experienced problems due to the texture on our walls, but these held tight and smoothed on perfectly!

Cars wall decal

With such a simple "peel and stick" method of application, this entire set was up in only a minute or two. Big Sister E couldn't have been more excited about her new display showing off many of her favorite characters!

Lightning McQueen decal

With Big Sister E excited about her new room décor, we had to move right into Little Sister B's room to begin putting her princesses into place as well.

princess wall decals

Filled to the brim with Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Tiana, Ariel, and Snow White, the Disney Princess Wall Decals with Gems pack also includes several flowers, animals and decorative elements, along with 42 sparkling peel and stick gems. What more could a princess-loving 4-year-old ask for?

princess wall stickers

As with her sister, Little Sister B was extremely pleased with her artistic skills and the way that her room was instantly transformed into a haven for princesses.

As these decals can be applied to any smooth surface — including walls, doors, ceilings, and even furniture — it wasn't long before there were royal touches just about everywhere throughout the space.

princess wall decal

As expected, both girls are in love with their new decorations and get a kick out of pointing out new details or make believe adventures that they've had with their new, 2-dimensional friends.

Even better, each and every one of these decals are completely removable and repositionable and I love that they peel away easily without leaving any damage or residue. Just pull down, move the new location and rub them smoothly on for a new custom design!

Whether you are looking for a chic new addition to your home or just want a way to provide your children with years of decorating fun without costing a fortune, RoomMates wall decals are just the thing to express every taste and personality in an affordable way.

Find out more about these and all of RoomMates unique products (you can even create your own custom decals from scratch or with their provided templates!) by visiting them at and by connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Other than the two wall decal packs that I was provided by RoomMates in conjunction with my Team Mom membership, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This post is solely my honest opinion about these products.


Betty Roberts said...

they look very nice and i like that they're repositionable angelgenius27(at)yahoo(dot)com

Jenn Hiles said...

I love these. I think they are just so darn cute and an easy way to redecorate. I have a small log cabin and our walls are logs, of course, so I don't think they would stick very well. That's a bummer!

Jessica Allen said...

These look great, Little Sister C would love these! She is really into Disney Princess right now!

slehan said...

Matched just right with each girl. It's great that they could pick out how to put the stickers up and can change it around when they want.

slehan at juno dot com

Unknown said...

These are just too adorable and I love the fact that they are reusable. Thank you for the review.

Unknown said...

I love that they can be easily removed

Sun Rae said...

I love the idea of peel and stick decorating. Can be changed as the children age and interest change without damaging the walls!

Paula V said...

I have lots of wall decals from before they began mass produced. I spent pretty penny on them to have phrases and scripture on my wall but I love them.

Unknown said...

I love the idea of decorating with these peel and stick decorations because when the kids change interest it is easy enough to change for other subjects.

Natalie Parvis-Nichols said...

These are really cute and would look great in my sons room!

Unknown said...

No more scraping stickers off the walls. These are great to use on so many things and to individualize each persons personality is great. I just love these and wish they were around when my kid started putting stickers everywhere.

Unknown said...

We are about to remodel my granddaughter's bedroom and I would love to use the Disney Princess ones!!! I am so gonna order this now!! Thanks for the review.

Susan Johnson said...

I have been hesitant to purchase any wall decals because I'd hate to spend money on decals that wind up peeling right back off the wall after a month or two. Thanks for reviewing these and showing how easily and well they stick to the walls. I love that this company has so many licensed characters, too.

slehan said...

I like that they're not permanent and can be moved around and changed. (but for how long, I wonder?)

slehan at juno dot com

TarynPasco916 said...

My daughter would LOVE the Disney Princess wall decor! We're redoing her room in Princess'!

Unknown said...

Wow, they sure do have practically every brand and style imaginable. I do wish they would have included Jasmine in the princess collection though.