Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dry Dudz Fashionable and Funcational Swimwear {Review}

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Back in my BC days (Before Children), the definition of swimwear was extremely different than it is today. Because not only was the style and design different than anything that I would consider wearing now, the function was as well.

Right? In BC times, a woman can relax on a beach chair, maybe go for a dip in the pool or ocean if she gets too hot, sip a drink in peace and read a magazine cover to cover. In AC (After Children) times, however, us moms spend our time getting in and out, in and out, in and out of the water, crouching in the sand, reapplying sunscreen, fretting over our kids' swimming abilities, etc, etc.

With all that, the list of what I'm looking for when it comes to swimwear has gotten pretty long. Quality, style, fit, coverage, price, and the overall way that I feel when wearing it... can all of that be found in one place?

For this summer and beyond, now I know it can with Dry Dudz.

Dry Dudz

Active wear, swimwear and trendy attire all-in-one, Dry Dudz patented technology ensures exceptional support and quick drying performance, without sacrificing style. This unique apparel is available for both men and women, whether outdoor enthusiasts or just those that enjoy being comfortable and fashionable throughout their activities outside.

For men, Dry Dudz boardshorts come in five contemporary graphic designs, stylish enough to serve as upscale casual wear. At the same time, women's options include trunks, boy shorts and bikinis that can be worn for running, swimming, tennis, relaxing and more.

Ready to put this innovative activewear to the test, I was impressed with Dry Dudz before I even had their pieces out of the bag.

swim bag

Every Dry Dudz purchase comes in their custom Wet Dudz Dry Bag, which is great for travel, storage and more. I love when companies take that extra step to make their products even more useful for their customers and this waterproof bag does just that!

Pulling the Women's Hybrid Boardshort and Bikini Bottom out, I could tell right away that these lightweight, relaxed pieces were going to be just the thing for me.

Dry Dudz review

The double stitching construction and polyester/spandex combination makes them both very soft, versatile and adjustable, while the innovative 115 gram polyester weave makes them barely have any weight at all.

As I examined the boy shorts closer, it was clear that the DD Quick Dry wikTec fabric liner is truly as breathable and quick-drying as Dry Dudz claims. Considering that no one really enjoys sitting in a soggy swimsuit, having material that wicks away moisture from the inside out is a great way to feel more comfortable with dry skin all day long.

At the same time, the yoga style waistband allows the wearer to customize whether they would like more or less top coverage, with a cute "Get Your Dudz On" message seen on the back when folded down.

Dry Dudz bottoms

As well as their comfort and fit, these bikini bottoms incorporate Dry Dudz' innovative Quick Mount System, a patented attachment system that securely clips each pair of shorts to its inner liner with a Velco-like hold. What a great way to not have to worry about hiking up your shorts every time you stand up, sit down or get out of the water!

Dry Dudz QMS

Perfect for land and water activities all summer long, I have been nothing but impressed with the way that Dry Dudz has mixed fashion with functionality in these women's swim bottoms — they even have an anti-bacterial treatment that prevents odor and helps reduce wash time.

The combination of the boy shorts and boardshorts is one that I plan on utilizing for many trips to the beach and pool and I only wish that Dry Dudz offered tankini tops along with their bikinis so that those of us who just aren't willing to show off our stomachs to the world could have that option as well. Until then, I can easily pair this with one of my other swim tops and I'm set to hit the beach!

Dry Dudz shorts

Dry Dudz can be purchased on their website at, where the bikini bottoms are currently on sale for $15 - $20, the Hybrid Boardshorts for $30 - $35 and the bikini tops for $15.99. Men's pieces are also on sale, with the inner lining retailing between $9.99 - $20 and their Hybrid Boardshorts between $25 - $40.

You can also find out more about all of these unique, stylish and convenient pieces by connecting with Dry Dudz on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Other than the Dry Dudz bottoms that I was provided in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This post is solely my honest opinion of this product.


Betty Roberts said...

i really like the styles and it looks really comfortable!

Unknown said...

These look cute!! I'm pregnant and looking for something that isn't so "flashy" and more comfortable.. Dry Dudz totally seem like a possibility! Thanks for a great review.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! These are awesome. They look so stylish. I am checking the website now. Thanks so much for the review.

Courtney B said...

I love the little shorts set! I would totally feel comfortable wearing this..

Unknown said...

I just love these and I am going to check the site out to get me some. thank you for the post and I have them bookmarked.

Julie said...

My son NEEDS a new pair of swim trunks. These look good and fit within the budget too! :)

Unknown said...

These look really cute, for both men and women too. I am looking for new swim wear before we go on vacation to the Jersey Shore. Thanks for the review.

nicolesender said...

What a great idea for swim wear! I love the custom Wet Dudz Dry Bag.

laurie nykaza said...

Everything looks great my kids would love these clothes too!

Unknown said...

The quick-drying technology of the DD Quick Dry wikTek seems really cool, but what I find even more interesting is the Quick Mount system of the bottoms so you don't have to worry about the bottoms hiking up (like you said) when getting out of the water. The anti-bacterial treatment on top of everything else seems great! I also like that this swimwear line seems less expensive than other brands that I've seen. Thanks for the review, I think I'll keep Dry Dudz in mind. I also agree that a tankini top would also be a nice addition to their current offerings.

Anonymous said...

would love a pair for my husband and I

knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com