Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Papa Murphy's New Take 'n' Bake Fresh Pan Pizza {Review}

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Typically when families discuss having pizza for dinner, the decision is between frozen, delivery/carryout or homemade, with each having their own pros and cons.

More versus less expensive, pre-made versus customizable, ready immediately versus waiting for cooking or delivery...

Although my family has tried just about every pizza option out there, there was one company that had yet to make an appearance on our table. Combining the best of all worlds (freshly made, hot out of your own, topped with your personal favorites, etc), it was time to bring home Papa Murphy's Take 'n' Bake Pizza.

Papa Murphy's

Having invented the concept of "take-n-bake" pizza in 1981, Papa Murphy's pizza is made to order for each and every customer. After selecting the type of crust and your favorite fresh ingredients, they hand-make your pizza in a matter of minutes.

All that is left is to take it home, pop it in the oven, and serve it fresh to your family. It's a concept that they have appropriately termed Love at 425°.

love at 425

But recently Papa Murphy's has taken things even one step further. Along with making their dough from scratch, using only 100% whole-milk mozzarella, and hand slicing their veggies, they have debuted another delicious crust option as a part of their already crave-able menu.

For those of us who love soft, thick, chewy crust, it's time to say hello to Papa Murphy's newest menu addition, Fresh Pan Pizza.

thick crust pizza

Featuring a thick, buttery crust from scratch-made dough and the high quality, freshly-prepared ingredients that Papa Murphy's is famous for, Papa Murphy's Fresh Pan Pizza bakes up golden brown and perfectly crispy on the outside while staying soft and fluffy on the inside.

I am a HUGE fan of thick crust, pan style pizza, so this couldn't have been a more perfect time to try Papa Murphy's to see how it would stack up against others that we have eaten.

With a location approximately 2½ miles from our house, it was extremely easy for my husband to swing by Papa Murphy's on his way home from work...

Papa Murphy's locations

...and bring home two Fresh Pan Pizzas topped just as exactly as we wanted them.

Papa Murphy's fresh pan pizza


As I had preheated the oven to 425° in preparation for the pizza arrival, all that was left was to unwrap our delicious pizzas and pop each one in for 15 minutes right in their own take 'n' bake pans.

The result was that dinner was piping hot and ready to serve at the exact point of pizza perfection and all that I had to do was slice it up! No rolling, no chopping, no shredding, no work at all. Just yum, yum and YUM and happiness that the Before and After were equally as impressive.

Papa Murphy's review

I tell you, these pizzas were crispy, chewy, mouthfuls of deliciousness!

I loved the way that the crust was crispy and browned on the outside while light and airy on the inside and that each bite contained plenty of cheese, sauce and toppings. There was a definite need to return for seconds (and thirds, for some certain people)!

Papa Murphy's fresh pan pizza review

All in all, if you like your pizza thick and chewy, then Papa Murphy's Fresh Pan Pizza is definitely a must-try. We were extremely happy with our meal... and just as pleased the following day when we reheated the leftovers for lunch!

Is your mouth watering yet? If so, solve the dinnertime dilemma and make a trip to your local Papa Murphy's to customize your own Fresh Pan Pizza. You're able to serve your family a hot, delicious meal straight from the oven, but without the time and work of putting it together — what busy mom doesn't love that?

To find out much more about all of Papa Murphy's made to order and customizable meal options, their great eClub (fresh-baked savings right in your inbox!) and more, head over to PapaMurphys.com and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Papa Murphy's and MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.


Yona Williams said...

This looks good...when I lived in Michigan, they had Papa Murphys, but we never had a chance to check it out - now I wish I did.

slehan said...

I haven't tried them yet. I know there's one not too far from me. Now I'll have to try it.

slehan at juno dot com

sgumer said...

i have not tried this but see some commercials about it. i don't want to order a pizza and then have to cook it myself.

Rose-Marie said...

Yum, I'd like to try Papa Murphy's! I grew up with homemade pan pizza, and I'm always hankering for it, this looks delish!

Unknown said...

It looks delicious, Papa Murphy's is a brand that I am not familiar with -- I will need to look into it. Thank you for this review.

Marilyn said...

Thank you for this review. I have seen this advertised so many times and thought about getting one, but always wondered how they would taste. Now that I've read your review I'm ready to try one. Thanks!!

slehan said...

I like thin crust pizza. I know they have that kind, too.

slehan at juno dot com

Shannon said...

I don't think we have these around here, but this sounds AMAZING.

slehan said...

Now I want some pizza and it's all your fault.

slehan at juno dot com

Anonymous said...

we don't have papa murphys but this sounds really convenient