Monday, March 3, 2014

Presto MyJo Single Cup Coffee Maker {Review}

Presto MyJo logo
While I've long raved about the benefits and advantages of owning a single serve coffee maker (I love my Keurig, have I mentioned that 437 times yet?), I do have to admit that there are downfalls to my obsession as well.

First of all, the ease and convenience is great... when I'm at home. Once I leave the house and am faced with scooping grounds and buying filters, it all seems like twice as much work since I've so used to coffee without them.

Second of all, the K-cups. They're everywhere in my house and I adore them. But... they don't do me a whole lot of good if I'm away from home in a hotel or at a campsite where there is no Keurig brewer.

Although yes, it is possible to travel with a Keurig, it's not always that agreeable to use up ½ of your suitcase in such a way.

But now all of those issues are a thing of the past thanks to the debut of the Presto MyJo single cup coffee maker.

MyJo coffee maker

Recently unveiled by National Presto Industries, Inc., the MyJo offers the comforts of home and the convenience of K-cup coffee nearly anywhere you go. No cords, no expensive brewers, just access to hot water and you're set for a delicious cup of your favorite coffee quickly and easily.

Well, huh. 

The Presto MyJo can brew my single serve coffee at home, at an office, in a dorm room, in a hotel, at a campsite and more without having to have my Keurig with me? This is something that I've got to see!

Presto MyJo coffee

Right out of the box I could see that the MyJo was a compact, innovative device and that the addition of the MyJo Cup accessory was just the thing to allow users to brew ground coffee as well as a single serve pack.

Presto MyJo pieces

Needing to only add water and a K-cup, it was only seconds before I was ready to start brewing!

First, I filled the water reservoir and placed it right in my microwave to heat until it was steaming, approximately two minutes (alternatively, hot water can be added directly from a tea kettle).

Presto MyJo hot water

Second, I placed one of my K-cups right into the base of the MyJo and pressed it down until the sharp needle at the bottom punctured a hole.

K-cup coffee brewer

Third, I slipped the pump onto the top of the heated reservoir, attached it to the base, and placed the entire thing on top of my mug.

Then it was time to simply pump the water down through the base to brew my coffee!

Presto MyJo review

VoilĂ !

I definitely had my doubts about how well the MyJo would work, not to mention the taste of the resulting coffee, but it only took using this unique gadget once or twice before I realized that Presto had indeed thought of everything and that customizing your coffee strength couldn't be easier.

If you have access to a tea kettle, microwave, hot water dispenser or heated water from a campfire or camp stove, then the MyJo can turn your K-cup into your favorite brewed coffee with ease!

Presto MyJo coffee maker

While I don't claim to be retiring my Keurig in favor of the MyJo while at home, I will definitely be traveling with this great coffee maker in the future and keeping it on hand for emergency days that my brewer is on the fritz.

You just can't beat something so straightforward and effortless that can do the job of an appliance that costs around 7x as much as it does.

single cup coffee

Retailing for $19.99, the Presto MyJo is currently available directly from National Presto as well as on Amazon (and has plans to be in retail outlets later in the year). Visit for more information as well as a great little video that really shows the MyJo in action!

Other than the MyJo that I was provided by National Presto in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this post in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion about this product.


slehan said...

I've been thinking about a Keurig, but this would be more of what I need at a price I can afford.

slehan at juno dot com

Anne said...

Wow! This is new to me, but it's on my Amazon wish list now. Thanks for the review. The MyJo would make a great gift for a least a couple of people I know.

sgumer said...

this is a great tool for me because i live alone and i only drink 1 cup of coffee a day. it is simple and quick and perfect amount. thanks for the review.

slehan said...

I don't travel very much so I wouldn't use it for that, but it would be nice to have at home.

slehan at juno dot com

slehan said...

I like how easy it is to use for just a simple cup of coffee.

slehan at juno dot com

Unknown said...

Wow, this looks like a great little gadget. I wanted a Keurig K-cup maker but now that I know about Presto MyJo (which retails for $19.99) I will get one of these. Thank you for this review.

Shannon said...

This would be great to have and not a bad price at all. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Ideal for the over-the-road truck driver who doesn't have access to standard electrical power for a brewer like a Keurig.