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Custom, Fresh and Delicious: Stir Crazy Restaurant {#ReviewCrew}

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When it comes to visiting a restaurant, there is always the hesitation that your meal just won't be exactly how you'd like it.

Whether that means the menu options, the food itself, the service, the atmosphere... it's a disappointment to make the time and spend the money going out to eat and not having an overall fantastic experience, right?

While I consider myself fairly easy to please, I do admit that it's not very often (if ever) that I have perused a menu and found a dish that meets my exact preferences. The exact vegetables I want included, the exact ones that I'd rather exclude, the exact sides, the exact style and method of cooking... how often does that happen?

For my family, it was a no-brainer that it occurred when we created our own perfect dishes during our recent visit to Stir Crazy.

Stir Crazy restaurant

A contemporary restaurant featuring bold and delicious flavors, Stir Crazy has been serving their Asian fare in a fun, vibrant atmosphere since 1995. Their energetic and interactive setting is found in nine locations in six different states and focuses on fresh, quality ingredients and bold flavors to deliver a truly unique casual dining experience for its guests.

We're big fans of Asian food and, after hearing that Stir Crazy not only offered a huge menu to suit just about any taste, but that they also offer a Create Your Own option, the four of us were all too excited to head in for a tasty dinner.

Stir Crazy restaurant locations

Featuring a bright, clean and spacious dining room (as well as a very large bar area), we walked into Stir Crazy and were immediately greeted and shown to a booth where we made attempts to look at the vast menu.

Filled with nearly every appetizer, soup, salad, side, wok-tossed plates, specialty plates and more that you can think of, a unique and fun drink list, and a children's menu for younger diners, I wondered how we were ever going to decide!

Stir Crazy children's menu

Although we were tempted by many of the options listed, my husband, Big Sister E and I couldn't pass up the chance to try the Create Your Own Stir Fry.

Again, how often do you have the option to fill a bowl with exactly the vegetables, protein and sauce that you want and have it cooked to perfection right in front of you?

Stir Crazy Market Bar

After selecting our protein (tofu, chicken, steak or seafood) and our noodles or rice, we took our bowls and headed for the fully-stocked Market Bar.

I love that Stir Crazy has each item clearly labeled in case you come across an unfamiliar vegetable and that the selection of signature sauces (they make them all from scratch!) is large yet not overwhelming.

Big Sister E and I filled our larger bowls with all of our favorite veggies, our smaller cups with our sauces and handed them over to the grill to watch them turn into our personalized meals.

Stir Crazy create your own

I was happy seeing that the woks were cleaned between each new stir fry, ensuring that ingredients or flavors from one customer wouldn't be mixed with the next. Not to mention that Big Sister E was amazed at the way that the fire shot out and cooked her food right in front of her!

In only a minute or two, we had our dishes completed and ready to bring back to the table. Then the hardest part was letting them cool off before digging in!

Stir Crazy stir fry

This is quite literally my dream stir fry turned reality! Yummmmmmm!

The three of us who created our own dishes were extremely pleased with the way that they turned out, giving them a very high two thumbs up...

Stir Crazy review

...and Little Sister B was just as excited about her order of sweet and sour chicken and fries from the kids' menu.

kids chicken and fries

As all four of us received large portions that were incredibly tasty and filling, we were each able to not only enjoy our meal while at Stir Crazy, but take home leftovers for another yummy plate the following day.

What more could we have asked for?

While the prices at Stir Crazy were reasonable to begin with (a Create Your Own meal starts at $9.99 for lunch and $12.99 for dinner), using our gift certificate made the whole meal even more of a delicious bargain. My mouth is watering to visit again very soon!

For more information about Stir Crazy, visit their website and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter. To find out about all of the money-saving options that has to offer in your area (or in an area that you are planning to visit), head over to as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

As a member of the Review Crew, I have been provided gift cards and compensation in order to facilitate my reviews. However, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own. 


Ellisen said...

Looks so yummy! Love the photos.

Karen Glatt said...

This restaurant really has such delicious meals and your meal looked so yummy. I want to eat here and have a healthy meal.

Unknown said...

The "create your own stir fry" option is such a great idea. Reading this review makes me want to go out and get some stir fry. Thank you for this review.

sgumer said...

sounds like a great restaurant with lots of variety and choices. would love to go sometime.

slehan said...

It sounded so good that I went right to their site, only to find they don't have any in Colorado. Bummer.

slehan at juno dot com

Shannon said...

This looks amazing. I like that they have tofu...I don't think that I have one of these here..

Courtney B said...

reminds me of ah so which is a japanese restaurant here in arizona- love susshi and love grilled chicken with veggies healthy and delicious!

Sandra VanHoey said...

Food looks amazing and since we are in Florida, this is a ways from us but we trael a lot so we'll check this out one day. I think all of us would enjoy it

Betsy Barnes said...

This looks like a really fun place to eat. I have never heard of them until now. There aren't any in our area, but certainly will keep an eye out for one when traveling. :)

Jenn said...

Looks and sounds so good! I love knowing that my food is fresh.

Deanna said...

Oooh that looks yummy! I love Asian grill.

taz4ever said...

This food looks yummy and healthy

Anonymous said...

looks good! they need to come to Northern VA

GoGreen said...

Food looks good. I don't think they have this here in Canada. Too bad.