Thursday, August 28, 2014

Full Speed Ahead: MOTORWORKS 500 Party!

Motorworks logo
While I am sure to always praise my children and encourage their creativity in nearly everything that they do, I have to admit that there are times when their choice in toys and entertainment bores me to tears.

I'd love to look at that dollhouse and be able to imagine that today it is a castle or a school or a zoo, but apparently my practical side gets in the way. That house is the same house it was yesterday. That doll is the same doll that it was two days ago. And that play shopping cart of pretend food needs to be checked out for the hundredth time? Sigh.

Fortunately, there are companies that have found a way to tap into an everlasting creativity and innovation with toys that not only inspire imagination and originality, but are are nearly limitless in their potential. If that house or doll or pretend food could actually be transformed into a new form, the fun would never have to end!

Which is exactly why we love the ingenuity, quality and complete uniqueness provided in each and every piece from MOTORWORKS!

Motorworks vehicle

Designed for ages 3 and up (due to the removable small pieces), The Manhattan Toy Company's beloved MOTORWORKS line of vehicles, accessories and play sets take traditional "playing with cars" and give it a modern, interactive twist.

Each of the three different trim levels of MOTORWORKS vehicles — Street Series, Speed Series and Extreme Series — start with a sleek, detailed European beech wood body. But then, instead of adding flashing lights, beeping sounds or batteries of any kind, the wide assortment of interchangeable pieces turn regular cars into custom rides limited only by imagination.

With everything from car decals to monster wheels to spoilers, young builders simply snap their own selection of colorful parts and pieces into place (either those that come with the vehicle or from a separate accessory kit or different vehicle), and they are able to make them their own.

How could we keep the awesomeness of MOTORWORKS all to ourselves? It was time to have a MOTORWORKS 500 Party and share the love!

Motorworks 500 party

Is there anything better than the combination of good friends, tasty snacks and super cool customizable wooden vehicles? It was all that the kids and I could do to not pull open the packages and start creating our dream rides or eat too many of the yummy munchies before our guests arrived!

car party food

Fortunately, it wasn't long before our guests did arrive and we were able to dive right in to three stations of MOTORWORKS excitement.

Pit Stop #1: Create-a-Car Customization Station.

As none of our party guests had any experience with MOTORWORKS, it was amazing to see them get right in on the action of swapping out accessories, adding decals and seeing their own custom vehicle come together. Just pull of a wheel and replace it with another? However I want?

In stark contrast to the majority of kids' toys that have set directions and instructions, the open-ended, innovative aspects of these vehicles truly stimulate children's minds to come up with new ways to redesign them over and over!

Motorworks vehicles

From elaborately detailed to sleek and simple, seeing the kids' personalities come through in their vehicle designs was a lot of fun... not to mention that they were able to return to Station 1 throughout the party if they decided that their car needed a little bit of change!

Motorworks wooden cars

Pit Stop #2: Launch and Race Station.

As their MOTORWORKS vehicles were created, the kids were extremely excited to be able to put them immediately to the test by taking turns with a pair of MOTORWORKS Slingshot Speed Launchers. Who doesn't love a little bit of friendly competition?

Motorworks Slingshot Launcher

These great wooden launchers are simple yet fun, as their durable slingshot construction allows users to simply pull the lever back until it clicks into place and then press down on the release button to send their vehicle zooming off to victory.

The kids were thrilled to see how far their custom car would go, what direction it would end up facing and what features seemed to make some vehicles go further than others! Pausing only to take a quick distance measurement with a tape measure and track the distance on their "Ready Set Launch!" sheets...

car launching

...this station was extremely popular for our young car designers to return to time and time again.

Although I had been a little bit concerned that there would be disappointment over one car not going as far as another, that turned out to not be the case at all — instead, each race was filled with laughter, smiles and calls of a rematch!

Motorworks car launchers

After a little break to eat (who can pass up car-shaped JELL-O?) it was time to move on to our final station.

Pit Stop #3: Name and Draw Station.

Considering how proud all of our young car racers were over their custom creations, it only took a little convincing to move on to the last pit stop. There, the kids drew their vehicles, gave them names, pondered over hidden words in a Word Search and (if they hadn't already) applied MOTORWORKS tattoos.

Motorworks party

I'm not sure that we could have put together more of an unforgettably fun afternoon! All of our guests were beyond excited to have been introduced to MOTORWORKS in such a unique and festive way and, even better, they were each able to take home a MOTORWORKS goodie bag to extend the love even further.

I love knowing that we not only got to treat our friends to a wonderful party, but that they now get to continue the originality, imagination and spirit of these vehicles with their own Monster Wheels, keychain, poster, slap bracelet and more!

car party goodie bags

While we were sorry to say goodbye to our MOTORWORKS 500 Party guests, my own kids have returned to their vehicles multiple times since that afternoon to continue playing, decorating, customizing and more. I've also heard from multiple of our guests' moms that their children have been doing the same thing and are often found happily changing the wheels, spoilers, decals and more!

Whether you have a MOTORWORKS fan in your life or this is the first that you've heard of this unique line of vehicles, these cars, trucks, buggies, trailers, convertibles, accessories, play sets and more are sure to inspire driving and racing fun for years to come. Head over to the MOTORWORKS website,, today to see the full collection!

You can also connect with The Manhattan Toy Company on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to stay up-to-date with everything that this innovative toy company has to offer.

I was provided with MOTORWORKS products and supplies from The Manhattan Toy Company in order to facilitate our party, however, all thoughts and opinions are completely honest and my own.


Helga said...

That's a great party motif. Motorworks is a good company.

Karen Glatt said...

What wonderful fun toys to play with. My nephew sure would go nuts over these toys and have fun playing with them. What an awesome party to have for the kids. Looks like so much fun.

Anonymous said...

That's such a neat party idea! It was nice to see girls there as well. Thank you for sharing!

slehan said...

Fun party. I can see that all the kids were really into the parts & pieces.

slehan at juno dot com

Anne said...

What a fun get-together! The kids sure look engrossed in their vehicles, and I love the car-themed snacks, too.

slehan said...

I like that the pieces are changeable and kids can use their imagination.

slehan at juno dot com