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Take Building to the Next Level with Eitech Stainless Steel Construction Sets {Review & Giveaway}

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Although every member of the human race is individual and unique, there are instincts in all of us that are undoubtedly the same. When we're hungry, we look for food. When we're cold, we seek warmth. When we're presented with a pile of materials, we build.

From the youngest children that practice stacking simple wooden blocks to the most well-educated engineers with the skills that can turn drawings into realities, there is just something that drives us to manipulate individual pieces to turn them into more complex creations.

So, considering the entertainment and educational value, why not take advantage of our need to build by turning our own children's focus to toys that can enhance learning in science, technology, engineering, and math... while making it fun and able to instill a sense of pride?

All that (plus more) is what is found in the innovative and challenging construction sets from Eitech.

Eitech steel kits

Offering a variety of stainless steel construction sets for budding builders of all different skill levels, Eitech has been designing, engineering and manufacturing their unique kits in Germany for decades and has now extended their amazing products to the United States.

Their sets come in five categories — Basic, Classic, Exclusive, Solar and Experimental — and can have as little as 100 pieces or as many as a 1,000 pieces... ensuring that there truly is something for every child to learn valuable hands-on motor skills, how to follow directions, and basic STEM skills!

Even better, although each set is initially designed to build a specific item (e.g. a robot, train or space shuttle), Eitech's intricate parts are all interchangeable with any other Eitech set or accessory pack. Therefore, while building a crane, bridge or car is great in itself, they are just the tip of the creativity iceberg in the full extent of the building possibilities!

Knowing that Big Sister E would not only love being able to screw together parts and pieces of a great steel construction set, but that she adores the Eiffel Tower, we were all thrilled to see the arrival of the Eitech Eiffel Tower Construction Set.

Eitech Eiffel Tower

This set comes with over 250 parts made of high-quality steel and an instruction book that illustrates step-by-step building directions.

Eitech Construction Set

With photos showing clearly-labeled parts, age-appropriate, easy-to-use small tools, and detailed drawings showing just where to screw each nut and bolt together, Big Sister E was eager to get started putting together her mini monument.

After a little instruction and demonstration as to how to use each of the tools and to make sure that the bolts were sufficiently tightened, construction began!

construction set

As opposed to many toys that hold interest for a short amount of time and are then discarded when young attention spans run out, this Eitech kit comes together in such a way that a sense of accomplishment is felt with each new piece added.

Little by little, that pile of stainless steel transformed from individual precision-made parts into something that resembled a familiar structure. And, while Big Sister E did as much of the work as she could on her own, I was happy to step in and help her with the intricate steps when it was difficult to access where a bolt and nut needed to be placed.

Eitech building set

As we returned to work on our Eiffel Tower over the span of a few days, I'm not sure the total number of hours that it took to put this together. However, it was clear that the effort was worth it when Big Sister E and I were excited to sit back and see the impressive results!

Eitech Eiffel Tower construction kit

C'est Magnifique!

The proportions of this Eitech set are very accurate to the Eiffel Tower itself and, at approximately 18" tall, it is just right for displaying on a shelf (although it is durable enough that it could actually be involved in careful playtime as well, if your young engineer didn't want to leave it as display-only).

But, as much as the look of the actual piece itself, I'm head-over-heels with the amount of pride this masterpiece has inspired in my little builder!

Eitech Eiffel Tower review

Although this Eiffel Tower could be taken apart in order to use the pieces interchangeably with other Eitech kits, I do think that for now this monument is going to stay as-is. However, I have no doubt that if we bring home more of these sets or accessory packs that creativity and imagination would be involved in seeing just what might be built next!

Whether you have a child in your life that has a spark for building and engineering or you're just looking for a unique, high quality way to bring home an interesting, imaginative bit of construction fun, these Eitech kits are just the thing! This Eitech Eiffel Tower Construction Set retails for $49.99 (slightly less on Amazon), which is higher than some toys but does seem appropriate for the extreme quality.

Visit to check out the wide variety of models available and look for these sets at Toys "R" Us, FAO Schwarz, and online at,, and more. Be sure to also connect with Eitech on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to stay up-to-date with this amazing company!

And, thanks to their generosity, one person will soon be able to see how incredible building with a steel construction set can be, because...

One lucky person will win their choice of Eitech Construction Set*!

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*Winner may choose from the Eitech Eiffel Tower Construction Set, Eitech Robot Construction Set, Eitech Trail Bike Construction Set and Eitech Train Construction Set.

A big thank you to Eitech for providing an Eiffel Tower Construction Set for me to review as well as the set of choice for one lucky giveaway winner. The opinions shared are my own and honest and if you really need to see more, click here to see how I roll.


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