Monday, September 1, 2014

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While it would be difficult to find someone who doesn't know that Christmas is on December 25th or that Halloween falls on October 31st, do you know what holiday is celebrated annually on the first Sunday after Labor Day?

It's Grandparents' Day! Passed in 1978 with a purpose to honor grandparents and all of the love, strength, information and guidance that they have to offer, this holiday increases in popularity year after year. Therefore, with Grandparents' Day 2014 right around the corner on September 7th, time is running out to pick up a gift to show the amazing grandparents in your life just how much they matter.

Fortunately, it is easy to declare your love with something beautiful, delicious and award-winning from the wide selection from

food gift baskets

With gift and fruit baskets for every occasion, has a handmade item filled with critically acclaimed gourmet foods that will suit everyone's tastes. These aren't the same prepackaged gift baskets that have been sitting in a warehouse somewhere that other companies use, instead only uses the freshest fruits and the highest quality snacks or products that have each been individually chosen for each particular grouping.

Don't your grandparents or your children's grandparents deserve the very best? has even put together their Top 5 Gifts For Grandies as a guide (and a gentle nudge) to send the grandparent in your life something nice:

Almond Strawberry Delight
1. Almond Strawberry Delight, $19.99
Could you get a more affordable, yet delectable gift for the grandparents you know? Not likely. In a beautiful matte finished box, gourmet roasted and salted almonds are paired with a medley of premium dried strawberries and other fruits for a tasty, relatively guilt-free snack. This would be a big hit with more health-conscious grandparents, too.

2. Baked Goods Sampler Basket, $29.99
While this is another very affordable gift, it also can really satisfy a sweet tooth and we all know many grandies still love their sweets.

Inside this beautiful basket, rich brownies (chocolate chunk and cheesecake) are artfully arranged with tempting cookies (white chocolate macadamia, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip and peanut butter). There are also larger versions of this baked goods basket for grandparents that especially love gourmet goods or like to entertain.

3. Wine Party Picnic Ravenswood Duo, $99.99
For the wine-loving grandparents, this impressive arrangement makes the perfect gift. Inside a signature willow-branch basket, delighted grandparents will find two bottles of coveted Ravenswood wine paired with an assortment of mouthwatering accompaniments.

Complete with a zesty tomato bruschetta, crisp deli-style crackers, authentic German sausage and slow smoked cheese, this sophisticated gift is sure to make a great impression.

4. Ultimate Margarita Madness Bucket, $119.99
This is the perfect celebratory gift for grandies who really like to have a good time. Loaded with premium margarita mix and many different savory snacks like spicy salsas, delicious guacamole mix, zesty tortilla chips, crispy crackers and cheese with a jolt of hot pepper, this basket gives grandparents everything they need for a fiesta that can't be beat.

5. Red Wine And Dark Chocolate Suitcase with Torpedo Cigar, $179.99 has many gifts that are quite indulgent and this is certainly one of them. Inside an elegant suitcase, a collection of sophisticated tastes begins with the remarkably well-balanced Torpedo Barber Cigar and two coveted red wines.

These flavors are then expertly paired with an assortment of irresistible gourmet treats, including chocolate-drenched fruits, double dipped peanuts, English toffee caramels and exquisitely crisp cookies. This is a gift few grandies will ever forget!

I love that has such a large selection that it is easy to find something that fits your recipient as well as your budget. The excitement of receiving any of their great baskets is a real treat, proven around here when the Baked Goods Sampler Gift Basket showed up and brightened our day!

baked goods gift basket

Yum, yum and yum!

There's always the risk that packaged food items may arrive a little stale or taste as though they were baked quite some time ago, but that's not the case (and never is) with These brownies were 100% rich chocolately goodness and each of the cookies tasted freshly made and right out of the oven. Mmmm!

GourmetGiftBaskets review

Whether you choose to browse by price, occasion, theme, gourmet food or more, has an option to meet your needs and your recipient's tastes. Instead of just giving the grandparents in your life a card (if you even remember to do that), one of these gift baskets is plenty versatile and thoroughly delectable enough that it would be enjoyed by all!

Be sure to browse the quality, selection and options available at and connect with this family-owned company on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as well.

Other than the Baked Goods Sampler Gift Basket and information that I received from, I was not compensated or enticed to do this post in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this product.


Karen Glatt said...

I like the Baked Goods Sampler. These gift baskets are not expensive and I will have to look at these for the Holidays!

bettycd said...

I appreciate that they have healthy alternative baskets including gluten free. And the price range provides baskets for all budgets. Thanks for the review

Cami said...

My grandpa has celiac so it is great to see that they have gluten-free options. Thanks for sharing!

slehan said...

I know someone who loves chocolate and one of these baskets would be great.

slehan at juno dot com