Thursday, November 6, 2014

Custom T-Shirts, Apparel and More from {#MyLocker}

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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for MyLocker. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Although I have supported, volunteered and helped out at my daughters' school since Big Sister E started kindergarten, the 2014-2015 school year has marked a new level of commitment for me with my involvement with the PTO. Is there a more quintessential aspect of being an elementary school parent?

As well as being able to support the students, teachers and staff, it is already evident that my girls are proud of my PTO duties and it has infinitely increased the amount of school spirit around our house. They love that I am there in the building taking part in committees and events and, considering that one day they will be older and cooler and not as interested in me being around, I'm taking advantage of it while I can!

So, along with doing my part and fulfilling my roles, I am even more excited that now I can quite literally show my school involvement as well with my new custom apparel from

custom t-shirts

Allowing customers to design their own shirts, hoodies, golf polos, fleeces, warm-up suits, bags or almost any type of custom gear in a quick, fun and easy way, MyLocker is the internet destination you'll want to visit the next time you want to make your own t-shirt (and more).

customized apparelCelebrating a bachelorette party and want to look the part when you're out on the town? MyLocker can have matching tank tops at your door for the entire bridal party. Meeting up with extended family for a reunion at The Happiest Place on Earth? I'm pretty sure that Mickey would be disappointed if you make the trip without custom t-shirts!

Whether you have a destination getaway on the horizon or are celebrating a birthday, sports team, charity walk, class trip, work group or more, MyLocker is there for any and all occasions. Plus, as opposed to companies that will only make custom apparel in bulk orders, there is no minimum order from — design and make one or 100!

Knowing that this would be the perfect place for me to create my own apparel to show my elementary school love, it was time to visit MyLocker and begin the design process.

custom apparel

Right away I loved the way that is laid out in an extremely user-friendly manner, providing just the right amount of inspiration and assistance as desired.

If the customer already knows what type of product they want to create, they simply select it right from the categories (e.g. sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, blankets, etc) and go from there. Or, for a little more inspiration, MyLocker offers design ideas for everything from schools to holidays to travel to businesses (and much, much more).

Whichever route you choose, MyLocker allows for customization at every step — choose the color of your garment, multiple colors for your design, the exact wording, related images, whether you would like a design on the back and more. The options are limitless!

employee of the year t-shirt
I'm a shoe-in for winning this award, I think I need this shirt!

Needless to say, I found that the most difficult part of ordering from was the decision process. With so many choices in gear and an endless number of ways that I could change every aspect of the design, I could have spent days trying out every possible combination!

I love that MyLocker shows a complete preview of your creation so that there is no worry or guessing on what it will end up looking like after it is made. Therefore, when I finally decided to stick with a simple, modern representation of my daughters' school name, it wasn't any surprise that, upon my sweatshirt's arrival (only a few short days after ordering it!), I was 100% happy with the result.

custom sweatshirt

Featuring crisp, clean embroidery on a super soft hoodie, this sweatshirt has been my go-to ever since it showed up at my door. I absolutely love how comfortable the fit is (even though it was a bit larger than I expected) and the addition of the school name has made my girls happy to point it out over and over again.

I have no doubt that I will be reaching for this great piece of custom apparel for years and years to come!

school sweatshirt

Whether you need a bulk order of 500 hats for your beauty salon's grand opening or you simply want to order eight custom t-shirts for your league soccer team, MyLocker makes it possible to order your own custom apparel and custom accessories quickly and easily. They even ship product in as little as 48 hours, so if you happen to be a last-minute planner (me!) it won't be a problem.

To find out more about the completely personalized gear that MyLocker offers for you, your family, your school team, a local or charitable organization, for an event, as a gift and more, visit and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.


freddie said...

Wow I can't believe all the wonderful things to choose from and you can buy only one thing if you want. We have a large family and it would be neat to get everyone a matching t-shirt to wear.

slehan said...

Nice looking hoodie you designed. Good luck with your PTO duties.

slehan at juno dot com

slehan said...

This would be fun for me and my fellow swim teachers to have after getting out of the pool.

slehan at juno dot com