Thursday, February 19, 2015

Warm Up Winter with Green Mountain Coffee Golden French Toast K-Cups {Review}

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While I don't always believe the phrase Absence makes the heart grow fonder as being completely accurate (I've "lost" clothes in my closet and typically don't yearn more for them, I just forget that I own them!), I do think that it is quite apt when it comes to foods.

After all, would pumpkin spice lattes be so incredibly popular if they were available all year long instead of just in the fall? Would you really be so inclined to have a glass of eggnog during the holidays if you could also have it in June?

Similarly, while I'm typically a standard, unflavored coffee drinker, when winter rolls around my taste buds know that it is time to get excited for Green Mountain Coffee Golden French Toast K-cups!


Perfect for getting a jump on a cold, blustery weekday or for enjoying on a lazy weekend morning, Green Mountain Coffee has created a much-loved flavor that is in high demand year after year. If you think that Limited Edition doesn't mean anything, don't get in the way of someone on the hunt for their Fair Trade Golden French Toast K-cups!

After all, if one little cup can provide the flavor and satisfaction of a full plate of warm, buttered French toast sprinkled with cinnamon and drizzled with sweet maple syrup, how could you not get a bit addicted?

Green Mountain Coffee Golden French Toast

From the moment this coffee starts brewing, the air is filled with the familiar, comforting smell of French toast and, in less than a minute, one perfectly brewed cup of Golden French Toast coffee is waiting in my mug.

Limited Edition French Toast K-cups

Mmm, mmm, mmmmm!

From the first sip, I always appreciate that the maple syrup flavor is smooth and tasty but not overpowering enough that it is too sweet to be enjoyable. This coffee truly embodies the essence of French toast without being so much so that I can't down my cup and want to return for another (and possibly another)!

Instead, this light roast coffee has just enough hints of cinnamon, brown sugar and maple syrup swirled throughout that the result is irresistible and a bit indulgent. Coffee drinkers could also easily customize a mug of Golden French Toast by adding any number of flavored creamers to change things up even more — vanilla, hazelnut, caramel pecan... the list is endless!

If you're a fan of French toast (are there people who aren't?), you'll love that this unique coffee is available now — but remember that it is Limited Edition this season so I recommend picking up a box to give it a try today!

But don't spend more than you have to, head over to Cross Country Cafe! Their low prices ensure that you can receive a 24-count box of Green Mountain Coffee French Toast Keurig K-cup coffee for only $11.99 while supplies last. That's quite a deal!

Are you excited for Golden French Toast coffee this season?

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Karen Glatt said...

Green Mountain Coffee has so many wonderful flavors of K-cups and I like the Caramel K-cups! They are the best!

Unknown said...

This sounds so good. I would love to try this. Thank you for sharing

Joanne said...

This sounds so delicious! It is amazing that we can just taste it/smell it just from the description!

slehan said...

I'd rather have eggnog in June. I don't drink coffee.

slehan at juno dot com

Brenda said...

I like Green Mountain coffee already, but I've never had this flavor. It sounds really good. Thanks for the review.

Sarah Matos said...

My husband loves green mountain. Excellent variety.

Courtney B said...

yes i'm excited with anything with the name French toast! lol : love it

Anne said...

Okay, I have to be honest: My first thought on hearing the name Golden French Toast Coffee was "blech." But after reading your description, I think I could totally get on board with this one, if only for the aroma! Thanks so much for your appetizing review.

Allison Downes said...

Green Mountain Coffee makes great k cup coffee. I would love to try this flavor! I bet it tastes delicious. Thank you for reviewing.

DesiredOne said...

I have never had green mountain coffee but always wondered how good it tastes. I wouldn't mind trying them all!

slehan said...

3 days of snow and a high today of 16 degrees makes me want something warm. Hot chocolate for me.

Kathy Davis said...

Golden French Toast coffee sounds wonderful. We just got a K cup machine. Love it!
Kathy Davis