Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Functional and Beautiful Growth Charts from Growth Chart Art {Review}

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There is something to be said for children's artwork that is traditional, classic and cute. After all, that's the type of decor that fills nurseries and bedrooms and playrooms across the country and makes family and friends smile when they enter the room.

However, when it comes to pieces of art that are going to hang on the wall long beyond infancy, then it must be something more. It needs to be something that can be looked at and interacted with and from a company that understands that it is possible to please children as well as adults with items that are artistically designed, durable enough to last for years, and not too childish that they will be long outgrown before they wear out.

In short, I want pieces that will adorn my walls that will be cherished for quite some time... which is exactly what I have discovered is available from Growth Chart Art.

children's growth chart

On a mission to create earth-friendly, beautiful, artistic and timeless growth charts that allow families to mark the most important moments in time, Growth Chart Art offers a line of green, handcrafted wooden growth charts that are sure to make your jaw drop. While I am used to seeing cartoon characters and pastels, these collections leave me feeling inspired and in awe of the talent that went into them.

Also, as opposed to nearly every other growth chart company that I ever seen, Growth Chart Art also has an extensive line of mediums to choose from including wooden skis, surfboards, snowboards and more. What better way to show off their beautiful designs (animals, nature, geometric, guitars, rulers and many more) that allow families to mark memories in minutes?

Although I was blown away by nearly all of the Growth Art Chart options (so many fantastic possibilities! So many gorgeous colors!), the girls and I went over each one and finally decided that the simplistic design and beautiful color of the Ruler Growth Chart in Robin's Egg Blue with Centimeters was our favorite. I absolutely couldn't wait to see it in person!

Growth Chart Art review


My decor style is modern and uncluttered, so having this growth chart show up with such a contemporary, clean look made me immediately antsy to get it up on the wall!

While some products look decent from a distance and then not as nice up close, Growth Chart Art ensures that the details are just as precise as the overall look — the grain of the Baltic Birch plywood shows through giving uniqueness, the numbers and lines are clean and crisp (and are printed with eco-friendly ink), and more.

Growth Chart Art ruler

Along with the look and quality of this growth chart, Growth Chart Art sends their products complete with all of the supplies needed for hanging as well as a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point pen. All that you need to do is select your location, screw it in and start marking your child's growth right on it!

Growth Chart Art supplies

Once we had measured to find 2' up from the floor, it only took the use of a level and a screwdriver before we had the 2' on our Growth Chart Art matched up and the entire thing securely screwed into the wall.

Growth Chart Art ruler review

We have since transferred over our previous measurements from the girls' past years and are now happily awaiting their next birthdays to make our next marks. I have zero doubt that we will have this Ruler Growth Chart throughout the entire rest of their childhood... and hopefully long into my future grandchildren's childhoods as well.

For now, Big Sister E and Little Sister B absolutely love seeing how high they measure up on this gorgeous growth chart!

best growth chart
 child growth chart

With prices ranging from $55 to $145, a purchase from Growth Chart Art is most likely going to cost more than the generic plastic or vinyl options that you'll find in stores or elsewhere online, but is the result something that you will be able to cherish for year after year?

Not to mention that Growth Chart Art offers free shipping and returns, extremely easy personalization options for only $10 more, and a functional product that doubles as a piece of art. As a huge bonus, you can rest easy that your purchase helps support this environmentally friendly company and that a portion of your sale goes to child-centric non-profit organizations that help children and teens.

All that in the form of a timeless, green, creative, functional product that will hang on the wall long after my children have left the nest? Yes, please!

Find out much more about all of the amazing aspects and products that make up Growth Chart Art by visiting and connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter and their Amazon store.

Other than the growth chart that I was provided by Growth Chart Art in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this post in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion about this product and this company.


slehan said...

That's a lovely growth chart. I also like the giraffe.

slehan at juno dot com

JewelWood said...

This is such a fun way to keep track of a child's growth over the years. This would be great to get for my daughter! Thanks for a great review on this product!

Francine Anchondo said...

I really like these growth charts . It is crazy how fast kids grow.

heatherp626 said...

I love these!! I especially like the dandelion one! These are really pretty and would fit in with my decor!

Fiddlin' Dandi said...

I would really like to get one of these to put in my son's room!

Melissa Storms said...

I would love to get the owl growth chart for my granddaughter. I think my daughter would really like it.

lil_lady_dz said...

This would be great for hanging in the hallway by our kitchen. I love the tree growth charts, so many awesome designs to choose from.

mygeniusworld said...

This would be perfect for my nephew he will love it

Courtney B said...

I love these!

I think it is so fun for kids to watch themselves grow ! :)

thanks for showing me this exists!!

slehan said...

I like the birch tree but the ruler is the most fun.

slehan at juno dot com