Friday, July 31, 2015

Café Bustelo Espresso and Colombian Coffee Now Available in K-cups!

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After the amount of time that I've spent getting to know companies and brands over the years, it often takes a lot to grab my attention. But one surefire way? Introduce me to an unfamiliar company that offers delicious coffee!

Can you ever have too many amazing coffee options? I think not.

Therefore, thanks to Cross Country Cafe, I was thrilled to learn about Café Bustelo and their debut of Café Bustelo Espresso style blend and Café Bustelo Colombian roast K-cup coffees!

Cafe Bustelo k-cups

Started by Gregorio Bustelo and his wife in the Bronx in 1931, Café Bustelo is now world renowned as having been expert gourmet espresso coffee roasters for more than 80 years. They are now the number 1 selling Cuban coffee in the U.S.!

As Café Bustelo is a favorite of coffee-drinkers from coast to coast, the introduction of K-cups and the ability to taste their sophisticated Cuban coffee right from the Keurig has been met with overwhelming happiness from fans everywhere.

How was it possible that I had been out of the loop for so long? It was time to try out Café Bustelo for myself!

Cafe Bustelo k-cup coffee

Right away I was intrigued by the colorful designs and packaging of the Café Bustelo boxes. Combine that with the way that both flavors of this coffee were receiving rave reviews left and right and it didn't take long before I was pulling out K-cups to begin brewing.

Cafe Bustelo k-cup review

Immediately I appreciated that the Café Bustelo Espresso roast is able to provide a dark, flavorful blend without any sort of fancy espresso equipment. You can almost taste how robust and strong this is just by looking at it!

Cafe Bustelo Espresso

I always worry that dark roast coffees might be a little bitter, but this Espresso roast somehow blends the dark with the medium in their grounds and ends up with a smooth, robust taste that is full-bodied without being too strong to enjoy.

In fact, once I had added my usual cream and sugar, I found that the flavor of this coffee was so amazing that it instantly had me addicted and I found myself tipping my mug to get every last drop. LOVE!!

For a slightly less intense cup of coffee, however, the Café Bustelo Colombian provides more of a classic flavor that is medium roasted to perfection.

Café Bustelo colombian

Full-bodied and strong, medium roast, irresistible aroma, and a substantial, delicious flavor? I really couldn't ask for much more and love that Café Bustelo has made it so easy to enjoy an amazing cup of coffee like you would expect from a coffeehouse, but instead is made right in your own kitchen in a minute or two!

Whether you strictly enjoy your coffee in the morning or reach for a cup or two (or more) throughout the day, you'll love the ability to have sophisticated tasting Cuban coffee anytime thanks to Café Bustelo Espresso and Colombian K-cup coffees. I am definitely joining the ranks of super-fan now that I have had a chance to experience exactly why everyone loves Café Bustelo!

Head over to Cross Country Cafe to give them a try today!

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slehan said...

Great review. Almost make me want to try drinking coffee again.

slehan at juno dot com

Natalie B. said...

The only coffee I drink is espresso so this is super good to know. Thanks! I love this brand. :)

Fiddlin' Dandi said...

I'm not really a coffee drinker, but my husband would really enjoy this.