Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I Love My Professional, Long-Lasting Mani and Pedi from the Red Carpet Manicure Pro Kit! {Review}

I have found that I have a love-hate relationship with manicures.

On the one hand, I can go to the salon for a high quality gel manicure that will shine and gleam and last for weeks, making me smile every time I catch a glimpse of the color. But, hello? Pricey.

On the other hand, I can save money by giving myself a manicure right at home, as I have no shortage of little bottles filled with fun colors all lined up in my bathroom. But... no matter how many layers or top coats I put on, it seems that it is only days later that the polish has started to chip away, making me sigh at the time that I wasted.

What's a girl to do?

The answer is the happy medium of the two! Professional results in the form of a red carpet-worthy manicure that will last for weeks that is also affordable and conveniently done right in my own home. It's the Red Carpet Manicure Pro Kit!


Containing everything you need for a professional salon gel manicure, the Red Carpet Manicure Pro Kit provides long lasting wear and shine right at home. Why pay a small fortune to have your nails done elsewhere when you can have weeks of wear and shine with these products instead?

Wondering if it could truly be this easy to get salon quality results from this small box, I was eager to pull out the Pro Kit and try it myself.

Red Carpet Manicure Pro Kit

As advertised, this kit comes with a wide variety of products needed to make just about anyone's nails looking great!
  • Professional LED Gel-Curing Light (AC power cord adapter included)
  • Prep for maximum adhesion
  • Structure base coat gel
  • Brilliance seal and shine top coat gel
  • Revitalize nourishing cuticle oil
  • Red Carpet Reddy LED gel polish
  • Purify pre and post application cleanser
  • Erase gel nail polish remover
Red Carpet Manicure Pro Kit items

Using Red Carpet Manicure's easy to follow instructions, it wasn't difficult to go step-by-step in creating my own spa experience for my nails right at home.

After filing and shaping my nails and wiping them clean with the Purify Pre & Post Application Cleanser, the first coat was a layer of Prep Max Adhesion Sanitizer.

Red Carpet Manicure Pro Kit Prep

As the Prep evaporated immediately, there wasn't any wait before applying a thin coat of Structure Base Coat Gel.

Red Carpet Manicure Pro Kit Structure

After Structure had been applied, it was time to put the Professional LED Light to use.

Simply give the power button on the top a tap, all the while leaving your four fingers underneath the light (for 30 seconds). Afterward, I gave my thumb a turn and the Structure had been cured and set!

Red Carpet Manicure Pro Kit LED

As it was then time for the color, I applied a thin coat of the LED Gel Polish and then let it sit under the Light for 45 seconds before repeating for a second coat.

Red Carpet Manicure Pro Kit polish

For one last top coat, I then applied the Brilliance Seal & Shine Top Coat Gel and let it cure for 45 more seconds.

Finally, a quick wipe on each nail with the Purify Pre & Post Application Cleanser to clean off any tacky residue and my manicure was finished — zero drying time needed!

Red Carpet Manicure Pro Kit mani

I did one hand at a time and found that it took a total of around 15 minutes to go through each of the steps for all four fingers and the thumb. But overall I was amazed at how simple it was to use one bottle after the next and that the Professional LED Light was able to efficiently cure each layer in seconds.

The only thing I would change is that the button on the Light turns it on automatically for 45 seconds, so when I only needed it for 30 seconds (for the Structure) I would have liked a way to have it turn off at that time instead of trying to count and keep track to pull my fingers out early.

Overall, however, this kit is pretty amazing in that the results truly do feel the same as when I have gone to the salon for a gel manicure or pedicure! I love that my nails are so smooth and shiny while feeling extremely strong and healthy. Even better, as opposed to regular nail polish that chips off after a day or two, my Red Carpet Manicure has stayed perfectly intact for weeks without problem!

And, considering that a pedicure always lasts longer, I have no doubt that my toes are going to be looking red carpet ready for months now, too!

gel pedicure
Doing the pedicure was quick and easy as I was able to have one foot under the LED Light while I worked on the other and trade back and forth.

When it comes to removing this gel polish, the steps are also quite easy and include buffing the tops and then letting the nail sit with the Erase Gel Nail Polish Remover on it.

But I plan on keeping this on until my order for three more bottles of LED Gel Polish (there are zillions available on the Red Carpet Manicure website and even more on Amazon!) arrives so that I can have a professional manicure day after day. LOVE!

Gel Nail Polish

If you're ready to take your at-home manicures and pedicures to the next level, I highly recommend the Red Carpet Manicure Pro Kit! While the initial retail price of $80 may seem high, it really isn't much more than the cost of ONE salon visit... and will provide you with professional results whenever you please. I don't plan on ever going back to my "regular" polish again!

Find out much more about this great kit and all of the Red Carpet Manicure products available by visiting their website at and by connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. You can also find their great items available at Ulta Beauty (and,,, Fred Meyer, Duane Reade, Wegmans and Harmon Drug.

Other than the Pro Kit that I was provided by Red Carpet Manicure in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this post in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion about this product.


Rose-Marie said...

This is great to know about, and I'd like to try it! I've never treated myself to a salon manicure or pedicure, but I envy the results. So now I can have those results and still have the money jingling in my pocket - it comes out so nice!!!

slehan said...

Never had a manicure or pedicure. I've worn polish about 3 times in the last 10 years.

slehan at juno dot com

slehan said...

This is just so far out of my comfort zone. Would like to try a manicure/pedicure done by a professional.

slehan at juno dot com

JewelWood said...

I think this kit looks like it is easy to use, and your nails turned out very nice. I would love to get this Red Carpet Manicure kit to try out at home. It is much cheaper than going to a nail salon.

Fiddlin' Dandi said...

This looks like a great thing to get to pamper myself with.

slehan said...

This would be good for my friend who loves getting her nails done.

slehan at juno dot com

slehan said...

My sister has a birthday coming up next month and I think she'd really like this. (do we have the same genes?)

slehan at juno dot com