Friday, July 3, 2015

Hands-Free Convenience, Style and Versatility from the O-Venture Big O Key Ring {Review}

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Although I have no shortage of pet peeves in my life, one that manages to particularly irk me is the search.

Where is my wallet? Did anyone see where I put down my purse? Did someone move the papers that were on this counter last week? Can you call my phone so that I can find it? I swear I had the keys in my hand a minute ago...

You know the drill, right? Why does it seem that no matter how much I declutter or work to make things more organized, my brain doesn't seem to always follow along the same path?

Fortunately, even if I might be stressing about getting my kids to an activity on time or making it to the store before it closes, I can now cross can't find my keys off of my list thanks to my new favorite accessory, the Big O Key Ring from O-Venture.

wrist key ring

Created to make women's lives easier one small detail at a time, O-Venture blends style with substance in each of their must-have, high quality, unique products. Who knows better what modern, multi-tasking women want than... modern, multi-tasking women?

Knowing that I needed a much better option than continually being frustrated by searching for (and then constantly dropping) my keys, I was thrilled to see O-Venture's Big O Key Ring in person.


Right away I was impressed by O-Venture's creative packaging, as the small canvas bag was already showing their attention to detail and their focus on chic, unique style.

But then I pulled out the Big O Key Ring in Peacock and I was even more excited that this oversize leather bangle keychain was what I have been missing from my life!

O-Venture Big O Key Ring

With well over a dozen color and pattern options made of scratch proof and water repellant leather, there is sure to be a Big O Key Ring to match every personality. Simply select from smooth two-toned leather, croc or ostrich embossed and just try to narrow down all of the beautiful hues!

As for use, the bold color and extra large size of this one-of-a-kind item makes it nearly impossible to spot — whether on your counter or at the bottom of your handbag — making the Big O Key Ring the fashionable accessory that women on the go everywhere can appreciate. Just grab it and you're out the door!

O-Venture Big O Key Ring review

Although my husband's initial impression was that the Big O Key Ring was far too large, I was instead immediately in love with the versatility of the 4" diameter ring. Day after day I have used it as a bracelet, attached it to a bag, slid it up over my elbow, hung it on a doorknob, hooked it on a bike handle, and many more!

As for the results? Hands-free amazing convenience!

arms full key ring

I am constantly out without pockets and don't want to carry a full purse, so having the ability to toss my Big O Key Ring on my wrist and hop out of the car has been amazing. Not to mention the number of times that I've reached down into the depths of my bag and have instantly found my keys or haven't had to hunt around for them at home!

O-Venture Big O Key Ring uses

Coming complete with a strong signature clasp for easy attachment and removal (perfect if you often use a valet or share keys with someone like my husband who would rather not have a handy ring), the Big O Key Ring is my new favorite accessory and has especially been wonderful this summer as I have been out and about so much with my kids.

While the $55 retail price is on the high side, I do fully expect that the quality and craftsmanship of this product will ensure that it will last for many, many years of frustration-free awesomeness!

Be sure to head over to to find out more about the Big O Key Ring as well as all of their other innovative products. You'll also want to connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to stay up-to-date on their new additions, retail options, contests, their support for great causes, television appearances and more.

Other than the Big O Key Ring that I was provided by O-Venture in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this post in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this product.


Rose-Marie said...

This is a nifty contraption, and I'd like to have one!!! I'm always looking for ways to make sure important things are convenient and also secure that I won't lose or forget them- this is perfect!

Brenda said...

Your post made me laugh because just this morning I had to call my cell phone to find it! That key ring seems handy to have, even if you just use it to make it easier to find your keys in your purse. Thanks for the review.

slehan said...

looks like a great invention for people who lose their keys often.

slehan at juno dot com

Betsy Barnes said...

This is really a great gadget, good idea! I know a few of my friends that would benefit using this, they are always misplacing their keys :)

AnnaZed said...

I love that! It would be great while walking the dog.

Michele P. said...

considering I almost always lose my keys once a day this is definitely something I could use! I like the fact I could wear it on my wrist, upper arm, attach it to my purse, you name it. I've been wanting a key ring that looked great but was big enough for me to find, and this definitely has potential!

dlhaley said...

Great idea! Thanks for the review.

slehan said...

My sister NEEDS this. Birthday coming up soon...

slehan at juno dot com

JewelWood said...

This is a great idea to help me from not losing my keys. The band looks very pretty and would go with my purse perfectly. I would love to get one of these!

mygeniusworld said...

This will be the best thing to gift hubby as he is the one always losing keys

Fiddlin' Dandi said...

This would be really handy to have and would also make a great gift!

Courtney B said...

WOW I need this for my keys AND my husban'ds..

we are ALWAYS losing them!!

do they have this for remote controls too???

slehan said...

Wish it was this easy to keep track of my phone.

slehan at juno dot com

slehan said...

I always put my keys on the car's console when I get out in the garage. I put them in my pocket after locking the car when I'm out and about.

LabRat517 said...

This is clever. I do lose my keys and to be able to wear them as a bracelet would be terrific.

tiffany dayton said...

This looks very handy.