Thursday, April 8, 2010

An evening of entertainment with the Original Harlem Globetrotters

Back in December, I was contacted asking if I'd like to run a giveaway for a family entertainment venue and, I'll admit, I was skeptical at first. Sure, I responded, tell me more. Then I sat back and waited to hear about some small-town, county fair where my daughters could get a close-up view of a cow. What can I say? We're in Wisconsin.

When the next email came back telling me about the Harlem Globetrotters and their 2010 "Magical Memories" National Tour, I couldn't respond fast enough. As I said in the giveaway post, the Globetrotters have played in more than 25,000 games and everyone from Presidents to Popes have had the pleasure of watching their unique skills and entertaining antics. And, up until last week, I was a little jealous.

Excited? Uh, YES.

The lights, the music, the effects - it had it all. Big Sister E didn't really understand the plot or why the crowd booed at the Washington Generals, but that didn't stop her from craning her head to get a glimpse of the action or the players or Globie, her favorite.

I, on the other hand, gawked at Flight Time and Big Easy, and fondly remembered their run as one of the more entertaining teams to watch on The Amazing Race. What can I say? There they were - in person! I was slightly starstruck.

Even though I think Big Sister E was a little on the young side, there were kids and adults all around us laughing and having a great time. Whether one of the players had dunked, made a half-court shot or were teasing another team member, the arena echoed with the sound of good family entertainment. It was a night that we'll remember and reminisce about for quite a while. I don't know how many times Big Sister E has talked about Globie riding into the Campbell's soup cans (to raise money for local schools) already.

If you haven't gotten tickets for the 2010 National Tour, you still have time! There are still plenty of dates left in the U.S. before the Globetrotters head off to perform for the rest of the world. If you have gone to see the show, whether this year or previously, what did you think? Are you a big fan?


natalee said...

I love the Globetrotters ..i saw them when I was little... Thats awesome that you had such a great time!!!!

Mandee said...

How cool! You are one lucky gal Xenia! So glad your little one had a good time too! You can really tell in the pics! She is just too cute!!!! :)

Christie Cottage said...

.... There is still something magical about watching the Harlem Globetrotters. No matter your age! Looks like she had a wonderful time!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Hey there, this place looks much more inviting than the last time I was here. I like it. :) Remember me? I'm following from MBC GFC. I have a new address that I just mentioned over there, so please follow there. Thanks! I hope to get to know you soon. *grin*

Susan Fobes said...

Wow! This would be great. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Found your blog on Friday Follow...I'm now a follower.

Have a GREAT day!

Terra Heck said...

Looks like y'all had a great time. I've never seen the Harlen Globetrotters, but would love to someday.