Friday, July 23, 2010

Melt It Off {Review} Lose weight with Mitch Gaylord

My issues with exercising are twofold. One, I'm lazy. Isn't there some way for me to exercise while sitting on the couch? Two, I need instant results. I'm someone who, after working out once, needs to step on the scale and see that the pounds are already gone in order for me to feel motivated to continue.

The combination of those (unrealistic) expectations has led me... well, nowhere. Except unhappy with the extra weight I'm carrying around. What I really need is a workout program that lays it all out for me including step by step instructions, a meal plan, adaptable exercises and a measurable difference that doesn't take months to appear.

Why, hello there, Mitch Gaylord and Melt It Off.

Developed by Olympic Gold Medalist Mitch Gaylord, the Melt It Off program is different from standard workout DVDs for multiple reasons. The combination of a healthy diet plan, a journal to track your progress and a fun and challenging routine can make even a veteran exercise enthusiast break a major sweat.

The first and foremost unique aspect of Melt It Off is the G-Ball, a 2 pound medicine ball used to help build muscular strength and endurance and take off calories fast. Aimed to help melt the fat, using the G-Ball works your body up to 430% more effectively and burns up to 1000 calories per workout (and even more after the workout has ended). Did you catch that? 1000 calories!

Can you feel the burn?

From the beginning, I liked the ease of Melt It Off and the way the entire program can be customized just for you. Beginning with the journal to really get you focused on your goals and keep you motivated, you can even include a "before" photograph and written measurements (a tape measure is included - gulp!) so that later on you can see how far you have come.

The comprehensive meal plan (including a shopping list and recipes) lays out what foods to eat and, although of course suggested to follow, you could also tailor this slightly to your preferences. And whether or not you choose the begin with the 3 Day Meal Plan and Fitness Schedule (to really jump-start your progress) or to take it a little slower, the workouts themselves will immediately put you on your way to reaching your fitness goals.

I was thankful right off the bat that the Melt It Off videos are all on one DVD, as opposed to having to hunt around for the particular one for each day. Plus, the customization really came into play as Mitch explained alternative moves that beginners can do to make adjustments for their own fitness level.

As an added bonus, Mitch does a good job talking through everything and is personable and easy to watch. I'm not a fan of far-too-cheery coaches or way-too-in-shape background exercisers and Melt It Off doesn't give you the feeling of being talked down to in any way.

The workouts included consist of Melt in 10 (for days when you don't have as much time) and three full routines: Cardio Burn & Sculpt, Sizzlin' Abs and High Calorie Melt. Simply alternate days by doing Cardio Burn & Sculpt and Sizzlin Abs one day and High Calorie Melt the next and take a rest on Sundays.

Sound like a lot? Well, to see the results, you have to actually do some work, right?

You've got to work hard for muscles like these!

For a fun workout routine that is different from the same old, same old that we're all used to, the Melt It Off program is great for getting you fit. Muscles that you didn't know you had might feel otherwise, but you'll feel the effectiveness right away... and there's always the little counter during the workouts to let you know how many repetitions or minutes that you have left to help you make it through.

If you want to start to Melt It Off, you'll find the complete program available right on the website for $19.98, along with upgrades to the 4 and 6 lb G-Ball and other workout videos by Mitch.

(Other than the Melt It Off program that I was provided, I was not compensated or enticed or to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this workout program and its features and benefits.)


Anonymous said...

I'm so bad at routines as well....I haven't done my KettleWorx in a couple weeks. I really need to get back to cuz I can see some flubber again....ugh. Why did kids have to change my body so much???

Carrie said...

Wow, that is amazing that it can burn up to 1000 calories a workout. I might need to invest in this one!

Rachel C said...

Nothing to do with the workout, but I just have to say that my daughter has those same purple pjs with the moon and stars and they are my favorite! so cute :)