Wednesday, July 14, 2010

e.p.t. and the "Moment You Knew"

Usually when it comes out that my husband and I tried for a full year to get pregnant before we conceived Big Sister E, people are surprised. But honestly, I was surprised it took that long, too. I felt like everything I had ever been taught or learned in school (or from teen dramas and soap operas) was warning that the moment you didn't use protection, bang! Pregnant.

But for us, each month went by and still nothing. The thought of not having a baby now that I really wanted one began to consume far too much of my mind and every time a pregnant woman or mom came into the library where I was working, it caused a little more heartache.

Everything I had read said that, for my age, I needed to try for a year before heading to the doctor, so that is what we did. By the last few months I had pretty much given up all hope and was mentally preparing to hear about the next step. What tests we would have to take and what possibilities were available since clearly my body didn't want to do this on its own.

To top it off, the day before my appointment my brother and sister-in-law called with the news: they were expecting. It wasn't a complete shock but they hadn't been talking too much about trying either, so the surprise was still there. And as much as I held it together on the phone and congratulated them and reiterated how happy I was for them, that night I burst into tears and let out all of my "why not me?" emotions.

The next morning I awoke early. As I went into the bathroom, the one last pregnancy test that hadn't been used stared at me from the counter. I figured I might as well just take it so that if the doctor asked how recently I had taken one, I would have a set answer.

So, at 5-something in the morning, you can imagine how long I stood with my mouth hanging open when I saw this:

At the time, I was pretty sure I must be mistaken in thinking that the two lines meant positive, so I read each word of the instructions again. And again.

And again.

And then even took a picture of those as well.

My husband was excited as well, but maybe would have showed it a little more had he not been woken up quite so early to find out the news. He also didn't really have any urge to examine the test itself, apparently the whole peeing-on-it thing was too much for him, even if that one stick was telling us the single largest change that was going to occur in our lives.

Due to his feelings and strong comments about "what are you going to DO with it?" I ended up not saving the actual pregnancy test that time, nor two years later when I found out I was pregnant with Little Sister B. (On a side note, it took one try for us to get pregnant the second time so apparently my body remembered what to do without any problems.)

But did you know that 67% of expectant mothers save their at-home pregnancy test? This symbol, along with ultrasound photos and items from the delivery day, has been found as a top keepsake to commemorate this milestone of motherhood in a woman's life, whether the first time or the fifth.

So, to help women remember and cherish the "Moment You Knew," e.p.t. has come out with a free (with purchase) Keepsake Case to safely store and treasure a pregnancy test.

This cute zippered bag is just the right size for tucking a pregnancy test right inside and stashing it away for safe-keeping. I wish that e.p.t. had come out with this years ago so that I would have had a reason to ignore my husband's disapproval!

So tell me - when was the moment you first knew? Did you save your pregnancy test or any other keepsakes from your pregnancy? If not, do you wish you had?

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of e.p.t. and received an e.p.t. keepsake case and a $20 gift card to to facilitate my review.


Elana Kahn said...

I saved all of the pregnancy tests I took that were positive. Every last one (and I took a lot of them). They are saved in plastic baggies in my bedroom. :-) I also have all of the ultrasound photos in a photo album. Right after that last ultrasound of the twins is a picture taken the day they were born. :-)

mountains-to-climb said...

I actually did save it but now that I think about it's kind of gross. It's a pee stick.

And I used an EPT stick also but the second line was really light. And I couldn't tell so I was rapidly speaking to my honey boo and waving the pee stick in his face. Finally after he deciphered the code I was speaking, we realized we were expecting!

Anonymous said...

I found out a few days AFTER my finace dumped me and the day I got demoted at work. Didn't keep that damn stick, that's for sure.

Debbie said...

I cannot imagine saving one of those tests! Like your husband, I feel something you pee on is quite disposable!

Jenna said...

I didn't save it because the tests I took were digital and faded after a certain number of hours. However, I did take a picture of them. The keepsake case is a neat idea. What a special memory to have of 'when you first knew'!

The Baby Store Plus said...

When I opened your email with this post and saw the pictures first....I thought, "OMG Xenia is Pregnant!"

Then I read the entire post and discovered it was about EPT now providing a little case to store your positive test stick....I felt kind of let down :\

But, I think its a neat idea. My daughter took the test about 8 times before she really believed it, and she too kept the test sticks. They are in her baby book. She didn't believe it until she heard the heartbeat.

Back in my day you went to the doctor and he ran a test that I think required a rabbit to die...probably not for real (I hope) but I didn't have a pee stick to keep :(

Nice to reflect on that wonderful time though...thanks!


Unknown said...

I did not save the tests and I do not regret it. Anything that has been peed on needs to go directly to the trash!

Anonymous said...

I didn't take me as long as you but we were trying...well sorta lol. I quit taking my pills and if it happened it happened. 6 months later I missed and purchased one of those confirm I think it's called with the little heart. Pregnant. I kept this and still have it. With Zoe I pulled out the strip and it's in her baby book. Love the new keepsake pouch very cool and enjoyed reading your story:)

"Iowa Mom" said...

I did for awhile and then it seemed yucky! Though if you can figure out a way to preserve it then that would be ideal!

I am so happy for you mama. I look forward to a baby event in your future!

Unknown said...

I went to my doctor to be tested for my first three, so there was no stick. With my fourth I used a stick and I was going to keep it..but it started looking gross (Darker) after a few days so I tossed it.

Cari said...

I did, but threw them out while moving when our daughter was about a year old. I can tell you that I would NOT have thrown them away if I'd had a cute little baggie to put them in!! LOL

Anonymous said...
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