Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Febreze Home Collection Wooden Wick Candles {Review}

Ah, wintertime. The falling snow, the earlier sunset (darn you, daylight savings) and the cold weather make cuddling up with hot cider or cocoa in front of the fireplace the perfect thing to do with your loved one and/or family.

But... not to be negative about that nice image, but let's be honest: how often does that cozy scene really happen? My husband and I don't have much alone time, so the chances of just the two of us in front of the fire are pretty slim. All four of us could try to relax together... but all that would lead to is whining about where someone is sitting or what they're holding and how someone else doesn't think that's fair.

It doesn't end up being the most calming experience ever.

Fortunately, Febreze has made it possible for me to have the soothing feeling of sitting in front of a crackling fire without ever having to do anything more than light a single flame. Simply pull out one of their Febreze Home Collection Wooden Wick candles and you're instantly transported to your own relaxing retreat.

Available in nine premium scents, Febreze Wooden Wick candles are specially designed with a wooden wick to recreate the ambiance and sound of a crackling fire indoors. With their range of everyday fragrances, these tranquil candles can help inspire a scent and design transformation in your home.

And who's house couldn't use a little bit of that? My only issue with opening the Wooden Wick Candle Kit that Febreze sent me was that I didn't want to disturb the stylish packaging.

But I also couldn't wait to try out these innovative candles, so I had to pull each one out and take a deep breath of its beautiful scent.

The three Febreze Home Collection Wooden Wick candles that I was lucky to receive were the Rosewood Plum, Anjou Pear Spice and Cranberry Pear and each one smelled just as nice as the next. The Rosewood Plum had a sort of woodsy, fruity scent, while the Cranberry Pear was very sweet and berry-smelling.

It's hard to describe the Anjou Pear Spice but it was definitely my favorite. A sort of combination of cider, fruit and the holidays all wrapped into one that wasn't at all overpowering. Mmmm... I had a hard time pulling my nose away from it.

As I pulled the tops on and off of these candles to smell them, I couldn't help but notice that they were much nicer than the usual thin plastic coverings that come on jar candles. These wooden lids have a rubber ring around them, making them more like stoppers to really seal the candles closed when they aren't in use.

Plus, attached right underneath each lid is a handy reminder about the length of time you should burn these candles for (no more than 2-3 hours per use) and how to trim the wick before each lighting.

When it came time to light these candles, I immediately enjoyed the light sounds of a roaring fire that accompany the pleasing scents. Without being too loud or distracting, burning the wide, flat wooden wicks provide a wonderful background noise for your home. I couldn't help but put my feet up listen to the crackling sounds of my fireplace... in a jar.

Available at your local Walmart, Febreze Home Collection Wooden Wick candles are available in Green Tea Citrus, Pomegranate Mango, Cranberry Pear, Orange Honeycomb, Rosewood Plum and Willow Blossom fragrances; as well as seasonal scents that include Gingersnap Vanilla, Yumberry Sangria and my nose's current favorite, Anjou Pear Spice.

With a soft, flicking glow from the flame and the sound of the wooden wick crackling like a fire, your house will feel warm and cozy all year long. As each Wooden Wick candle burns for 80 hours, your winter oasis will only be limited to the amount of time that you can keep someone from pulling someone else's hair and ruining the moment.
You can find great information on the premium scents, unique features and limited edition offerings in the Wooden Wick Candle line-up along with all of the items in the Febreze Home Collection on their Facebook page.

(I was provided a Febreze Wooden Wick Candle Kit, information and a Walmart gift card through MyBlogSpark from P&G and Febreze for this review. Other than those items, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my own opinion of these products.)


Clueless_Mama said...

This sounds like a candle I would love. I enjoy having a little background noise and the nice smell of a candle to boot would be perfect. I have to check these out. Thanks for the review