Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WarmlyYours Infinity Towel Warmer {Review}

Once the temperatures drop, I have a much harder time pulling myself out of bed in the morning. It's just so nice and comfortable that I want to stay warm and cozy tucked under the covers and hibernate until spring, don't you?

Unfortunately, I eventually have to drag myself out and face the cold... just long enough to hop into a hot shower and feel the heat again. But when that's over, then what? The chilly shock of stepping out into the bathroom is always something I dread and the time in between turning off the water and being fully dressed is mostly spent in a shivering rush.

Until now. Forget standing around freezing when instead I can be wrapped in the luxury of a heated towel waiting for me on my Towel Warmer from WarmlyYours.

A perfect way to give your bathroom a spa-like upgrade without knocking down any walls or having to hire outside help, the WarmlyYours Infinity electric towel warmer is manufactured from stainless steel with a brushed finish and has 10 sleek bars to hang towels or a bathrobe. Simply hang it on the wall, plug it in (there is also a hardwired model available) and with the flick of a switch you can have a warm towel waiting for you as you step out of the shower or bath.

Absolutely necessary? No. An ultra-luxurious treat? Definitely.

There wasn't really anything wrong with the towel rack in our master bathroom before - it was a rack. For towels. On the wall. Not all that thrilling, but it did its job of keeping our towels off of the floor.

After taking this rack down and filling the holes, we were ready to install our new electric towel warmer. However, in the span of time between taking it out of the box and getting things together to put it up a few days later, my husband and I managed to misplace the instruction booklet. Typical of something we would do, as I laid out the pieces I was glad to see that after a little bit of examination, we found that securing this to the wall was actually quite intuitive.

By first screwing the four anchor points into the wall and attaching the leg pieces to the warmer itself, the entire thing was ready to be hung up.

Popping the legs into place and using the included Allen wrench to tighten them on, the only thing left to do was plug the 6' cord in to a standard, three-prong outlet and get ready to enjoy the radiant heat provided only a few minutes after turning on the Infinity Towel Warmer.

I had been concerned that having a cord leading from the Warmer to the outlet might bother me, but it doesn't at all. Due to the fact that it is coiled, it stays in place just fine. Also, with the placement of our sink and clothes hamper, it worked out that the cord is actually pretty well hidden.

So... does it work? The answer is yes and it's lovely.

By turning the switch on (located on the bottom of the left-hand vertical bar) as soon as I begin getting ready to shower (meaning when I start slowly wandering around the room looking for clean clothes), by the time I step out the entire towel is warm throughout and just right to wrap up in. The bars of the Infinity itself are hot to the touch though, so I do make sure that my kids aren't around to grab onto it when I have my back turned.

It would also be nice if there was a programmable timer control (which comes with the hardwired version) so that I wouldn't have to remember to turn the Towel Warmer on when I woke up, as well as an auto shut-off just in case my forgetfulness extends later in the morning (which it usually does).

Overall, however, the sleek, modern design and high quality performance of all of WarmlyYours' towel warmers would be a great addition to any bathroom. There is ample space to hang two towels or a bathrobe and the ability to step out of the shower and wrap yourself in a warm, dry towel is a luxury that anyone can enjoy.

The Infinity Towel Warmer retails for $349 for the plug-in model and comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. The installation was a snap to do on your own but WarmlyYours also offers friendly 24-hour installation and technical support (for life!) to ensure that you are provided any necessary help at any time.

For an extra deal just in time for the holidays, WarmlyYours is offering their hardwired Infinity Towel Warmer, usually $369, for only $299 with free shipping on Black Friday only. A great way to give the gift of opulence and comfort this season!

(Other than the Infinity Towel Warmer I was provided by WarmlyYours to facilitate this review, I was not compensated or enticed to write this in any way. This review is solely my own opinion of this site and this product.)


Sippy Cup Mom said...

Wow, that would be awesome! I love the look of it too! A timer would be a really good idea!

Letherton said...

I love mine as wonderful to have in the winter :)

Anonymous said...

I can feel the warmth right now! They have some great products. Love the sleek look of this! How great to have on those cold mornings, or evenings.

Unknown said...

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Jenny said...

I've always wanted one of these. However, the fact that it's hot to touch is scary. Obviously it would be, but I never thought about it!

yonca said...

Xenia, I've never heard of it before.Such a great product for winter.:)

MIG said...

I am so jealous! As I've been thinking about winter approaching lately, the first thing that always comes to mind is freezing while stepping out of the shower. I absolutely dread it! I'm going to be dreaming about this towel warmer for sure.

jacqgrif said...

I have been wanting one of these forever!!!

Penny Zeni said...

Thanks for this informative review - I have been thinking about this towel warmer ever since I read this in your newsletter! I think I first heard about these from my Italian friend and am seriously considering this for my holiday wish list as the winter rolls around.