Monday, November 29, 2010

Sesame Street Video USB {Review} The Best of Elmo

There are some children's characters and television shows that come and go in terms of their popularity. It seems like every time I turn around there is a new furry animal or animated friend that has appeared on the screen... and in the stores.

But, more often than not, my girls aren't all that impressed. Their favorites are the classic, quality shows that have withstood the test of time and have been loved by parents and kids alike for long past my own childhood. What can I say? They have good taste.

And, by far the show that best fits that definition is none other than the iconic Sesame Street.

For more than 40 years, Sesame Street has developed innovative and engaging educational content for children across the world. Their shows are symbolic of childhood and the characters on them are celebrities for both kids and adults - I know that I personally would get much more excited to meet Big Bird or Cookie Monster than quite a few of Hollywood's actors.

But Sesame Street has gone in a new direction for the first time in their history and is moving into technology that will not only be useful for parents but fun and entertaining for kids with their Sesame Street Video USB drives.

By teaming up with ATP Electronics, a leading flash memory manufacturer, these character USB drives are much more than just another boring little USB drive (like those that seem to disappear like magic around here). First of all, the cuteness!

Second of all, with a memory capacity for holding up to 400 photos, 400 songs or a virtually unlimited amount of written content, these are a fun way to store your files for whenever you need them. As each character USB is waterproof, dustproof, drop proof and has a wearable connector strap to ensure that the top and bottom pieces don't get separated, your information will always be safe and secure no matter what your child does when they get their hands on it.

But the greatest feature of the Sesame Street Video USBs has to be that each adorable drive comes with a full-length, character-themed educational movie preloaded and ready for immediate play. Simply plug it into your laptop, netbook or computer and your Sesame Street fan can be entertained at home or on the road with just one click.

The ease of use and quickness in the Plug 'n Play capability of our Best of Elmo Video USB has made it an instant hit with all of us. Without having to download anything or install software, one click is really all it takes to access the storage, view the movie (the girls' favorite, of course) or be taken directly to the Sesame Street website for even more fun and free learning materials.

I love that although these drives are soft, flexible and appealing to children, the video content is protected (no chance of it accidentally being erased) meaning no worry about DVDs being scratched and skipping or not playing at all. Plus, the convenience of how portable a Video USB drive is compared to a case of bulky DVDs (and possibly a portable DVD player) when now all that is needed is a cute Elmo and my laptop and we're ready to travel.

Available in seven fun varieties, families can now take their favorite Sesame Street characters with them wherever they go and have instant fun, entertainment and practical storage. Retailing for $24.99, Sesame Street Video USB drives can be purchased online from Sesame Street, Amazon, Costco, QVC, Walmart and Toys 'R Us or at various Toys 'R Us locations.

And don't forget to check out the fun holiday giveaway going on where you have the chance to win a set of all seven USB drvies! These would make a great stocking stuffer for Sesame Street fans of all ages!

(Other than the Sesame Street Video USB that I was sent in conjunction with my membership to Team Mom, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of these products.)


Liz Mays said...

I like the plug and play aspect of it so that the movie can be viewed on anyone's laptop, etc. but the price point is a tad high. They'd sell a lot more at a lower price, I think.

Anonymous said...

Zoe is a huge Sesame Street fan mainly because her name is Zoe lol. These are cute, but I do feel they are priced a little too high as well. But we know that's because of the popular characters on them. Still a great gift idea.

MIG said...

I can see the future of watching movies on these USB drives. They would be so perfect while traveling. Adorable too!