Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Aeromax Jr. Space Explorer Inflatable Space Shuttle {Review}

Aeromax logoWhile there are times that my daughters are eager to have me involved in their pretend play (Little Sister B seems to particularly enjoy cooking and serving me food over and over and over...), there are also instances where they get so into the adventure or story that they've concocted that they forget all about me.

Am I offended? Not in the slightest. In fact, I love to let the girls take the lead and just listen to them excitedly talk and imagine and dream. Sometimes they are superheros and other times they are kitties. Within the span of an hour, they might change from being teachers to mommies to lions. You just never know!

However, the surefire way to make pretend play even more fun and entertaining is to include the perfect props. How much fun would it be pretending to be a chef without any fake food or dishes? And, around our house, there is no way that we would pretend to be astronauts without our Jr. Space Explorer Inflatable Space Shuttle from Aeromax.

Started 15 years ago with one toy, today Aeromax has a product line that boasts 300 (and counting) items and every top toy industry award. And while the toys, dress up clothes, gear and more are great on their own, Aeromax also makes you feel good about your purchase due to their strong belief in charitable giving — they've donated thousands of units to Kids Wish Network and Kids In Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.).

Knowing that my kids were going to be thrilled with the ability to climb aboard this inflatable space shuttle and journey to wherever their minds might take them, when a box from Aeromax arrived, their eyes were already growing wide.

Designed for ages 3+ and with a weight limit of 90 pounds, preparing the Jr. Space Explorer for liftoff took only a few minutes.

I appreciated that Aeromax included two patches along with this shuttle in the event of a leak and that inflating it was quick and easy with an electric or hand pump. I turned away and, only a moment later, turned back to find that my husband had each section fully inflated and ready for play.

For both indoor and outdoor adventures, the Jr. Space Explorer can be used and enjoyed in a variety of ways. Outside, this shuttle can be carried, sat on (just watch for sticks or rocks!) or used as a fun floating ride-on toy in the pool. Who doesn't want to float around on a space shuttle?

Inside, young explorers can hop on this inflatable space shuttle and blast off on its 45" wingspan and 43" length. While my kids have loved being able to laugh, play and imagine an endless number of endeavors, they have been especially partial to the genuine-looking instrument panels, gauges, and the built-in clear window view of Earth and the international space station as seen from outer space.

If they aren't talking about the their tour of outer space and the stars, moon and planets that they're seeing, they're making a constant stream of, "beep, boop, beep, bop, bop, beep!" sounds to go along with the controls.

From takeoff to landing, the Jr. Space Explorer has proved to be an entertaining, unique, durable addition to any space-themed play. The sturdy vinyl, the NASA logo, the U.S.A. flag... it all comes together for a way for a child to tour the solar system right from home or even just kick back and relax!

For any child that enjoys pretend play, the Jr. Space Explorer Inflatable Space Shuttle from Aeromax is a fun addition... but for any child that is especially into outer space, rocket ships and being an astronaut, it's a must!

Retailing for $34.95 from Aeromax (also available from Amazon), the only thing that could make this toy better are the adorable accessories or matching astronaut costume that are also available!

For modern, realistic, high quality costumes, toys and accessories for boys and girls that are sure to entertain, Aeromax has the selection and styles for kids of all ages and ordering right online is convenient and easy. With the ability to be played with year-round, inside or out, any of their great options are sure to bring imaginative fun for hours on end and years to come.

Find out more about Aeromax and their large collection of award-winning products on AeromaxToys.com and see where they can take your imagination next!

(Other than the Jr. Space Explorer that I was sent from Aeromax, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and their fun products.)


Liz Mays said...

I don't know what to say about this, but I do like how she's flying it over her head outside. It would be fun to have fighter jet wars!