Monday, March 5, 2012

Remington S6600 Ultimate Stylist {Review}

Remington logoLike pretty much all women I know, I've spent years wishing my hair was exactly what it isn't.

If we have smooth, straight locks, we yearn for luscious curls. If we have thick, natural waves, we look in longing at the 'dos that showcase straightness. It's the way of life with hair, it seems.

Therefore, in my quest to make my hair do just about everything that I'd like, my bathroom counter is filled with a wide variety of products and tools that claim that they will help. Blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons of all sizes — they're all there.

However, thanks to Remington, the clutter and the hassle are now gone. In their place, the 4-in-1 innovation that will have women everywhere wondering where it has been all their lives: the Remington Style Solutions Ultimate Stylist Flat Iron and Curling Iron.

Remington Ultimate StylistA combination hair straightener and three-way adjustable curling iron, the Remington S6600 Ultimate Stylist allows you to create innumerable different hairstyles all without ever having to pull out another tool. Capable of creating full volume to curls to waves to stick straight locks, it has never been easier to achieve the newest trend or stay with your favorite style with ease.

Could this one tool really take the place of four? When it arrived, I was eager to check it out and see for myself.

Remington Ultimate Stylist reviewOne part flat iron and three parts curling iron, the Ultimate Stylist made perfect sense to me as soon as I had it out of the box. Why hasn't this innovative tool existed before now?

Remington Ultimate Stylist reviewIn its "standard" mode, it was easy to see that the flat ceramic plates could function as a high quality flat iron by running your hair straight through it.

Remington flat ironHowever, while still in the smallest setting, the Ultimate Stylist can act as a curling iron for tight curls if you twist it while running it along your locks. I appreciate that the ends of this tool always stay cool, therefore making it possible to give it a full 180° turn while I pulled it down my hair... resulting in a smooth curl!

Remington curling ironHowever, a simple curl is only one of the styles that the Ultimate Stylist is capable of, as the exclusive curl slides can be adjusted with the push of a button on each side.

Remington Ultimate StylistBy moving the "wings" out to any of the three widths, you can then choose the resulting size of the curl - anything from tight curls to loose, beach waves. It really only takes a second to go from small to medium...

Remington Ultimate Stylistto large.

Remington Ultimate StylistEasy! Once you've adjusted the width, then choose your heat temperature (up to 400°) and in 30 seconds it is hot and ready for you to get your style of choice. There's even a 60-minute auto shut-off safety feature included, so you never have to have that moment when you're out later on and worry that you left your curling iron on.

Remington Ultimate StylistIn addition, the Ultimate Stylist has a tangle-free swivel cord, ensuring that you won't have to deal with the cord wrapping around and around in an inconvenient, twisted mess.

Remington Ultimate StylistOne of my favorite features, however, is the locking mechanism at the base of the Ultimate Stylist, making it stay securely closed for storage and great for travel.

Remington Ultimate StylistIn terms of travel, the Remington Ultimate Stylist really is the all-in-one tool that is perfect to pack for your next trip. Whether you feel like sleek, straight hair, a loose wave or tight, springy curls, you simply have to pull out one device instead of having to find room in your suitcase for four different ones.

Think it sounds too good to be true? Remington shows you just how quick and easy it is to use the Ultimate Stylist in this video:

This flat iron/curling iron combination really does give you the ability to create four different looks with just one tool. As a flat iron, the Ultimate Stylist heats up in a short amount of time and the slim, comfortable design of the handle makes it easy to hold and use.

Although it has taken quite a bit of practice to get used to doing the "twist and pull" move that is necessary for using this as a curling iron, as I've gotten better at the motion (I haven't mastered ringlet curls yet, but the loose, beach waves are great!), it has proven that this truly is an effective tool to own.

Remington’s Style Solutions Ultimate Stylist Flat Iron and Curling Iron is a multitasking, time- and space-saving, convenience all wrapped into one. Your crowded bathroom countertops will thank you for clearing away the clutter and having a way to create all of your favorite styles with one tool.

This unique item retails for $32.99 at Walmart and (or under $30 on Amazon). You can find out more about this and all of Remington's high quality items on their website and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

(Other than the Ultimate Stylist that I received from Remington, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this innovative product.)


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

My daughter's matron of honor must have used something like this because I saw her twisting then sliding as she was fixing up her hair for the wedding.

This is kinda cool and makes me wish my hair was still long!

Anonymous said...

Oh my this looks amazing. I have three yes 3 curling irons (different sized) and my straightener. This sounds ideal for me!

Becca said...

Wow, what a fun product! I currently own a straightener that can also curl...but I am decent at the straightening and awful at the curling LOL

Anonymous said...

I just bought this and tried it out without any instructions and couldn't figure it out but after watching the video on this page I tried again and now have beautiful curls!!