Friday, March 23, 2012

QuickSmart Backpack Stroller {Review}

QuickSmart logoOne of the continually reoccurring questions that new parents often wonder is When will this get easier?

And although others may feel differently, my thoughts are that Sorry, it doesn't. It's true that eventually your infant will sleep through the night and at some point you won't still be changing diapers, but as for easier? No, parenthood just continues to evolve and instead of dealing with a toddler's tantrums, you'll instead be dealing with a tween's drama. It's not easier or harder, it's just different.

However, all of that is not to say that you can't take steps to make parenthood as stress-free as possible. Plan ahead with snacks to ward off cries of hunger, extra clothes to prepare for unseen messes and invest in the gear and products that are high quality, versatile and convenient. After all, the last thing you need is to struggle with a bulky high chair or an unsafe bassinet if you don't need to, right?

Which is why parenthood is made easier when there are companies that know and understand that (and have incredibly innovative products to help), such as the award-winning, we-know-what-parents-need QuickSmart.

QuickSmart productsHaving been thoroughly impressed with the jaw-dropping products of QuickSmart in the past (evidenced in my raving reviews about their fun Scuttle Bug, their amazing 3-in-1 Travel Bassinet and the very handy Easy Fold High Chair), it has always been abundantly clear to me that QuickSmart knows baby gear.

Developed with the mobile on-the-go parent in mind, QuickSmart's products feature design and functionality to help parents move easily from one moment to another without getting bogged down. By allowing parents to focus on all of the experiences of childhood without ever thinking about bulk or hassle, I've recommended their items wholeheartedly multiple times.

However, there has always been one of QuickSmart's products that has especially caught my eye: the Backpack Stroller. It's a stroller that fits in a backpack. Is there any more that needs to be said as to why I was thrilled to see this innovation in person?

QuickSmart Backpack StrollerLightweight, compact, quick, easy and altogether ingenious, I opened the box of the QuickSmart Backpack Stroller and found that it was 100% assembled and ready for travel.
QuickSmart Backpack Stroller reviewAfter unzipping the double zippers, there it was. All 11 pounds of this stroller came perfectly folded and prepared for use.

QuickSmart Backpack Stroller reviewAs QuickSmart advertises that the Backpack Stroller has a logical 4-step folding system, I immediately wondered if it would be that easy.

And indeed it truly was.

Step 1: Unfold each of the legs.

QuickSmart Backpack Stroller unfoldSteps 2 & 3: Fold down the seat and fold up the back.

QuickSmart Backpack Stroller foldStep 4: Pull up the handle and shade.

QuickSmart Backpack StrollerVoila! Each piece clicks into place so that you know it is secure and then that's it!

While the QuickSmart Backpack stroller is more designed for quickness and convenience, it doesn't boast as many features and accessories as a traditional stroller. The padded, soft seat is comfortable but doesn't recline and there aren't cupholders or a tray for the adult or the passenger.

There also is no storage basket underneath this stroller, but instead a mesh pocket on the back of the seat that is great for stashing small items such as keys, a phone, and more.

QuickSmart Backpack Stroller storageThe important question, when looking at what the QuickSmart Backpack Stroller doesn't have is: Are any of those features sorely missed? Would any of them be a deal-breaker in purchasing the most incredible travel stroller on the market?

Clearly I don't think so.

Besides, this stroller still boasts all of the must-haves that go into making it sturdy, durable, safe and convenient. The aluminum and steel frame ensures a very strong, rust free and light composition, the retractable hood provides shade and privacy, the 45 pound weight limit extends the amount of use well into the toddler and preschool years, the 5-point safety harness provides plenty of adjustable security...

stroller safety...the single brake pedal activates both wheels for additional safety...

stroller brakes...and did I mention that it weighs only 11 pounds and fits in a backpack? Whether you are trying to save space in your trunk or you are hopping on an airplane for a ride across the country, the Backpack Stroller barely takes up more room than a regular backpack.

best travel strollerSimply tuck it into the well of your car or stick it right on your back as you walk down the jet way onto your plane, leaving your hands free. Once on board, this backpack fits right in the overhead bin and you no longer have to worry about checking your stroller and the possible damage that might occur to it while it is out of your possession.

stroller on airplaneOnce you've reached your destination, unzip and unfold the Backpack Stroller and you have the small, portable, easy-to-push stroller for your child to rest.

umbrella strollerThe extra tall parent push bar works for parents of varying heights and the 13" width of the Backpack Stroller means that it is perfect for navigating tight spaces or narrow aisles, whether at a crowded event or in a busy store or museum. Instead of wondering if you will be able to fit through a doorway, this stroller pushes easily in and around nearly anywhere (and on most any terrain) that you'll visit.

When it's time to pack up to head home, simply follow the same 4-step fold process (in reverse, of course), and you'll have your stroller compactly ready to go in about a minute. It did take me a little longer to master the folding technique, as the front wheel needs to be positioned correctly to fit nicely in the backpack, but once you've got it down, it's a breeze.

Even better, once the Backpack Stroller is folded, it stays closed and can stand up on its own — so if you don't want to put it back into the backpack, it can store nicely in a closet or tucked into the garage.

stroller storageDesigned for ages 6 months+ and up to 45 pounds, the Backpack Stroller is one piece of gear that you'll be happy to have at your disposal for traveling short or long distances. QuickSmart has included just the right features that ensure this stroller will continue to be one that you reach for time and time again for its convenience and usefulness for years to come.

Retailing for $169.99, the QuickSmart Backpack Stroller can be easily purchased from,,, and

Find out much more about this and all of QuickSmart's amazing products on, see their great videos and demonstrations on YouTube and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter so that you won't miss information about current and future products to make parents' lives easier from this great company.

(Other than the Backpack Stroller that I was sent from QuickSmart, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and their truly awesome products.)