Monday, October 29, 2012

10 Things to Love About Winter {#SmoothBlogger}

Although the only weather conditions that I've had to complain about lately here in the Midwest are the chilly temperatures (my heart goes out to everyone that has been dealing with so much worse lately!), I've been trying to think of the positives that will come along with the impending winter months and have come up with the following 10...

1. My kids love it. Although it isn't my idea of fun to go stand outside in the cold or roll around in the snow, seeing the joy that my kids get out of it does bring a smile to my face (as I watch from the window - Daddy's in charge of playing outside in the winter).

playing in the snow

2. Cozy sweaters and stylish scarves. Although I'm sad to put away my beloved sandals and flip flops, I have stacks of sweaters and scarves that I'm happy to pull out and wrap up in. Once the weather gets cold, it's like I have a whole new wardrobe to choose from (considering that I have a bad memory, I often find things in my closet that I didn't know were there anyway)!

3. The darkness makes bedtime easier. Although I complain about Daylight Saving Time every year and I'm not a fan of the sun going down earlier and earlier, I do have to admit that it makes it much easier to get my kids to bed when it is pitch dark out by 6pm!

4. Cooler nights for sleeping. Along with the darkness, I love the feeling of snuggling down under my blankets in bed and not worrying about having to put on a fan or wake up multiple times during the night due to being too hot.

5. Hot chocolate with marshmallows. Mmmmmm, enough said!

hot cocoa

6. Curling up by the fire. We have two fireplaces in our house and there is just something about grabbing a good book and a cup of hot cider and enjoying the warmth and crackling that comes along with the flames.

7. No mosquitoes. Although this summer didn't seem to have as many pests as there have been in the past, I'm still not sad to say good-bye to the buzzing and itching.

8. No shaving until spring. Even though I know that there are others out there that keep their legs smooth and hair-free all winter long, I opt for the lazy, they're-going-to-be-covered-so-why-bother? route.

9. The crisp, clean air. Although the wind is often brisk, there's something about the lack of humidity and the cool, freshness that comes along with the snow that I love.

10. My gym is in my house. When the temperatures drop, I find that I will make just about any excuse to not have to bundle up and venture out into the cold. Why not pull on my sweats and let the extra pounds hide? But this year I have no reason to end my workouts thanks to my Smooth CE 8.0LC Commercial Elliptical Trainer.

elliptical machine

I've been writing for a few months about this solid, stable, commercial grade elliptical trainer and how it truly is the same as what you'd find right alongside rows of other machines in the gym (that all cost two or three times as much).

So, while I've been enjoying the convenience of having it in my house for a while now, when there are three feet of snow piled up outside my door, I know that I'm going to appreciate it even more!

What do you like about winter?

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As a #SmoothBlogger, I have been provided with a Smooth CE 8.0LC Commercial Elliptical from Smooth Fitness. However, all thoughts and opinions shared are honest and my own.


Anonymous said...

I am so with you on the not having to shve. I hate doing it daily in spring/summer so yep I take a few months off (well I'll shave once in a blue moon.)Hmm my fav though has to be sledding. I'm still a big kid when we go down the hills, so much fun! That looks like one fab elliptical!

pinktaz60 said...

Betsy Rubendall Barnes

One thing I love about winter is the beauty of a snowfall. I don't like going out in it but there is nothing more beautiful than the snow on trees etc :)

Liz Mays said...

No shaving until Spring? You'd better get your butt on that Smooth Elliptical because if you're full of hair, you'd better make up for it with a sweet physique. lol