Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fitness Equipment at Home: Justifying the Cost {#SmoothBlogger}

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When people ask me about writing a Smooth Fitness review, they tend to have many of the same questions and comments.

Is it easy to use?

That must be nice to have it right there in your house.

How did they get it up the stairs?

And, one of the most practical, That's not a purchase that I could afford.

Smooth CE 8.0LC Commercial Elliptical Trainer

While yes, it does seem like a large purchase (the Smooth CE 8.0LC Commercial Elliptical Trainer that I have has a retail price of $3599, but sells on Smooth Fitness for $1799... and is on sale now for $1599!), breaking down the cost can show how having your own fitness equipment at home may end up being actually quite sensible.

After looking around online, I've found that the average gym membership costs between $40 and $50 a month, but when you add the initiation fee, the price may be as much as $800 a year. I also found that the consensus is that people who buy annual gym memberships often overestimate how much they'll actually use the facilities by 70%.

Seems like a waste of that $800, doesn't it?

On top of the actual membership fees, you have add in the gas spent driving to the gym, the cost of new workout clothes and shoes (because, let's face it, you can't show up at the gym in your sweats), and more.

working out in the gym
I'm not the only one who feels like there's a beauty competition going on in the gym, am I?

In the end, in less than two years you will have spent more money than if you had bought the Smooth CE 8.0LC from Smooth Fitness and had it in right in your home the entire time!

Not to mention the extreme convenience of being able to roll right out of bed and start exercising or fit in a quick workout before going to sleep at night. No need to do your hair or wonder if you really have to squeeze into spandex or bundle up and head outdoors when the temperatures get cold.

While having a home gym may not be a feasible option for many people, if you have been paying for a gym membership and are dedicated to improving your health, the treadmills, ellipticals, fitness equipment accessories and more from Smooth Fitness just might end up being a more affordable option in your life!

Find out more about Smooth Fitness and the incredible Smooth CE 8.0LC Elliptical Trainer on their website and be sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

As a #SmoothBlogger, I have been provided with a Smooth CE 8.0LC Commercial Elliptical from Smooth Fitness. However, all thoughts and opinions shared are honest and my own.


FireRunner2379 said...

Great deal on that machine! The problem I have seen with friends and people at work is that they end up using equipment like this as a place to hang wet laundry, which I guess is better than just collecting dust! I find that a nice pair of running shoes and some moisture wicking clothing is all one needs to begin an exercise program. If you stick with it and don't like the cold something like this would be your best bet!

Anonymous said...

That is a good looking machine. can't beat it for that price

Nicole B said...

I like the way you think! Now I just have to convince my husband it will be worth it. These look really nice, and I am more likely to use one at home than going to the gym.