Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Step2 Fun Time Room Organizer {Review}

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As a parent, you're told time and time again that you are your child's most important role model (a fact that, quite frankly, makes me feel immense pressure).

So while I hope that my children will be paying attention to the times that I display kindness, love and generosity, I also secretly hope that they will somehow overlook my faults. It could happen, right?

Of those that I long for them to ignore, my lazy disorganization is high on the list. When they look back at their childhood, are they going to remember all the times that I was stressed as I dug through piles of papers and stacks of clothes for one receipt or a particular t-shirt? Please tell me the answer is no.

Therefore, when I come across ways to make any part of our home more organized and less cluttered, I'm interested in giving them a chance. But, when I am introduced to a way that can actually show my children firsthand the benefits of having their belongings sorted, accessible and easy to find, then I know that we've found a winner.

And that's where the Step2 Fun Time Room Organizer comes in.

Step2 Fun Time Room Organizer

A colorful storage center designed just for kids, the Fun Time Room Organizer by Step2 (available in Pink or Tropical - blue, orange and yellow) makes it easy to teach your child to clean and organize in a fun way! Each of the 11 removable bins — nine smaller and two larger — can hold a variety of items in a multitude of sizes.

Even better, the shelf itself and each of the bins can be labeled to indicate their contents, so keeping the play food separate from the baby doll clothes has never been easier.

Knowing that this was the perfect addition to our house, when it arrived the hardest decision that had to be made was which room was in the most dire need for some organization. However, as I've long realized that Little Sister B's toy box provides storage but results in an extremely large jumbled mess inside of it, opting to replace it with the Fun Time Room Organizer seemed to be the perfect choice.

kids room organizer

As I removed the pieces from the box, it was clear that Step2 had, as with all of their great products, designed it to be easy to assemble.

Step2 assembly

With only a few tools needed to have this constructed, it only took around 20 minutes before this Organizer was ready to be put to use.

Step2 Fun Time Room Organizer review

It was immediately evident that the pink and green bins were big enough to hold a good number of toys, books, stuffed animals or more, without being too large that they would then be too heavy for kids to move if needed (the small bins measure approximately 6" x 8" and the large are around 10" x 13").

The lip on the front of each of the shelves is just right to keep the bins from sliding down, while the slanted angle in which they are positioned allows little hands to reach right in. Step2 even included a wall strap so that the entire shelf can be securely attached to the wall for safety.

Step2 safety

After Little Sister B and I successfully separated and sorted through the mountain of mess and had her new Fun Time Room Organizer fully stocked...

Step2 Room Organizer

...we simply applied the labels and grabbed a dry erase marker to identify the contents of each of the bins.

While she's still too young to know how to read, we decided to write out the words and pair them with a little drawing to help her get a visual clue as well. I love that not only will that help her get the items back in their correct place, but will be subtly encouraging word recognition at the same time.

kids' room labels

Without a doubt, the Step2 Fun Time Room Organizer has been a great addition to Little Sister B's bedroom (it would have been perfect in Big Sister E's room or our play room as well)! The 27"L x 13"W x 35"H size is large enough to be convenient and great for kids, without being so big that it is overwhelming or would require a generous-sized room to house it.

Having two sizes of storage bins ensures that just about any toys, books, dolls and more fit right in and Little Sister B has had no problems accessing them. When she wants a particular one (or if one needs to be removed to be brought into another room or for cleaning), it can just be lifted right out.

Combine that with the overall encouragement of organization with the labels and the colorful, kid-friendly, functional quality of this storage unit and we're all pretty darn happy that it is around.

Two thumbs up by a very pleased 3-year-old... who is quite proud to have something so neat, tidy and organized to call her own!

personalized furniture

The Step2 Fun Time Room Organizer is currently retailing for $49.98 from Sam's Club and for $85.15 on For more information about all of Step2's incredibly fun and/or practical products, be sure to visit and connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Other than the Fun Time Room Organizer - Pink that I was provided by Step2 to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this product.


Anonymous said...

Gav has a red, yellow and blue organizer but I need something for Zoe. I love the dry erase labels, the pretty colors of this one. I may just have to get this one!

Amy V said...

Wow, I LOVE these! The tropical blue would be great for my son!

Unknown said...

I love this! it would be perfect for my kids room, and I think they would love it to.

Unknown said...

I would love that for my baby's nursery.

knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I really love this organizer! Especially the labels you can create for each container - also a great teaching concept.

won said...

This is the kind of thing that gets me excited ;)

I love organizing like this.

flairshare said...

This is terrific. Love the easy assemblage and colors. I enjoyed your review and hope my kids are better organized than I am too!

Jan Lee said...

This is a nice edition to a child's room as they can call it their own with all their things in it. I like that it has a safety strap to attach it to a wall so it's not pulled over on a child trying to get their things out :)

Tanya M said...

This looks great. Thank you for sharing.

Mary said...

It's so fun and colorful! I want one for my crafts!