Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Personalized Gifts Result in Extraordinary Memories from Personal Creations {#PCholiday}

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Although every year I'm surprised to see holiday decorations appear in stores by the end of summer (denial?), I appreciate that it does give me advance notice to start thinking about the gifts that could truly make things special.

After all, as much as it's fast and convenient to pick up items at the store that can be bought prepackaged and ready to go, I always also try to keep a lookout for companies that can provide something with... a little bit more. That uniqueness that is going to make my recipient know I care and that I put the time and thought into finding something custom made just for them.

Which is exactly why it's easy to see that the 3,000+ high quality, personalized gifts for every occasion offered at Personal Creations make finding the perfect item for family and friends on my list for the holidays (as well as weddings, new babies, graduations, birthdays and more) fast and fun.

personalized gifts

From large to small, practical to frivolous, Personal Creations has a selection of everything from ornaments to stocking stuffers to home decor to apparel (and everything in between) that is customizable exactly how you want it.

Whether you have an idea of what you want to purchase or you head to their website just knowing that you want to find the perfect gift, it's easy to embrace the shopping spirit with such a wide variety of products and options. Why not turn a great gift into one that is truly fantastic?

That's what I'm hoping my mother-in-law will think when she sees her stylish new Rectangle Casserole Dish and the way that Personal Creations has turned a useful, high quality gift into one that is one-of-a-kind spectacular.

personalized casserole dish

Now she will not only be able to make her signature dishes in something functional, convenient (dishwasher, microwave and oven safe) and well-made, but she'll be able to serve it with a style that would not at all have been possible had I just gone to the department store!

casserole dish with lid

As I'm not nearly the cook that my mother-in-law is, I love that Personal Creations allowed me to gift myself something for the kitchen that is more for the everyday chef, the Name and Initial Baking Pan.

Name and Initial Baking Pan

This versatile metal pan is exactly what I need for being able to bake, serve and store all in the same container... but made all the more excellent due to having my last name and initial printed right on the top!

Sending snack with one of my daughters to school or dropping off a surprise batch of cookies at a friend's house? No worries that this won't make it back to me when it is clearly personalized just for my family!

covered baking pan

Finally, when it comes to gifts that my entire family can enjoy, I especially love all of the amazing decor that Personalized Creations has to offer and the way that simply adding a name to a piece of art takes it to an entirely new level.

Of course I've seen canvas prints with phrases, verses or sayings on them before, but it is just about impossible for me to not cherish the Family Rules Canvas when it includes just about every possible "rule" I could come up with and has my own family name as part of the art!

Family Rules Canvas

And when I'm not marveling at the adorable sweetness of my canvas, I can't wait for the arrival of our Travel Destination Map, which will be beyond perfect for my travel-happy family to mark off the locations that we have been, where we are going next, where we dream of visiting and more.

As with the Family Rules Canvas, I'm sure that I could have found a map of the world and some pins elsewhere, but Personal Creations includes a beautiful mahogany stained wood frame and a fantastic little plaque that will say The World Travels of The Sundell Family right on it! Love it!

Personalized World Traveler Map

This season and beyond, it's easy to turn your gifts into phenomenal presents for everyone on your holiday shopping list with Personal Creations. Whether you're shopping for adults, kids, family or friends (or yourself), the vast variety of wonderful gifts available combined with the endless options of personalization styles will surely result in items that are well-received and treasured for quite some time to come.

How will you incorporate a little personal Christmas magic into your next gift?

Ready to personalize your own Christmas creations? Personal Creations is offering my readers 20% off of all of your purchases through the end of December. Click here to start shopping and the 20% savings will be applied in your shopping cart!


Unknown said...

those are really some cool ideas.i like the personalized puzzle and doormat

Janet W. said...

Just about anything that is personalized makes it extra special! I love the doormat!

Unknown said...

Personal Creations is a great website. I like the personalized Christmas ornaments and the Your Home is the Center of This Map Jigsaw...but I think my favorite item is the Puzzle of Life. Thank you for this review.

annies home said...

I always love the personalized gift idea so perfect for any family. I love the family rules sign

Anne said...

Thanks for the review and the link to Personal Creations. I would have expected personalized ornaments and stockings and things like that, but they go way beyond that--even things like personalized cutting boards!