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Easier, Lighter, Better: Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum {Review}

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I have two kids, which means I have two independent mess-makers in my house each and every day. I know I can't be the only parent that, at the end of a meal, looks at the remnants and crumbs scattered absolutely everywhere and wonders if more ended up in their mouths or on the floor, right?

But as much as I hate feeling the crunch of cereal under my feet or finding bits of macaroni & cheese stuck to my socks, it's really not all that convenient to pull out the vacuum cleaner every day, multiple times a day. The combination of the bulk and the effort and the time just typically results in... well, my laziness. And the crumbs staying on the floor.

However, considering that the holiday season is going to bring even more people to our house than are usually walking in the front door, that's an issue that I'd like to change. So... what's a mom to do?

No doubt about it, for me the answer is the amazing, high quality Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright vacuum.

Shark Rocket Ultralight

Does a company like Shark really need an introduction? As a pioneer in innovative cleaning solutions and small household appliances, they have a goal of giving today's busy consumer better and more efficient products that fit their lifestyle. With so many high quality ways to steam, clean and vacuum your home, is there a need to look elsewhere?

For me, I mainly wanted to know if the Shark Rocket could really perform better than any other handheld dustbuster-type of vacuum that I had tried in the past. Had Shark's innovation put them on top once again?

Shark Rocket vacuum

Pulling out the pieces, I was pleased (but not surprised) to find that they felt like solid, high quality parts that, even though they are plastic, aren't the slightest bit flimsy or thin. Considering I knew this would have to withstand some bumps and a drop or two along the way, I was glad to see that the Shark Rocket appeared plenty ready to take what I (and my kids) could dish out.

While Shark had already accomplished quite the feat by making me actually excited about cleaning, I moved on to any assembly needed and found that there really wasn't any.

Shark Rocket review

Depending on the location and reach needed for your next cleaning, you simply attach or detach any of the main sections (base, tube, bottom) and pop on or off any helpful tools.

And it didn't take me long to realize that the variety of configurations that can occur with these accessories was nearly endless and only required the push of a button!

Have pets? The Pet/Upholstery Tool is perfect for zipping fur and hair right up. Trying to get dirt out of tight gaps or narrow spaces? The Crevice Tool gives you 12" of extended reach for hard to reach areas. Cleaning away dust? Just pop on the Dusting Brush and it's history!

Shark handheld vacuum

As well as traditional attachments to make life easier, the Shark Rocket also comes with one that I haven't seen before, the Dust-Away Attachment with Microfiber Pad.

It seems that no matter how recently I vacuumed my hardwood floors, they are never free of dust particles or little bits of debris. This great attachment, however, not only vacuums up small or large bits and pieces, but it also completely captures all of the fine dust! Love it!

Shark Rocket dust vacuum
Afterward, simply remove the pad, wash and dry it, and replace it for next time!

As well as the ease and variety of attachments, the Shark Rocket lives up to the Ultra-Light part of its name by weighing just 8 pounds! Not only that, but it includes something called Enhanced Swivel Steering, allowing the entire thing to twist and turn smoothly and easily.

For someone who is usually multi-tasking, I love that this entire vacuum can be operated with just one hand and that it really is versatile enough to go everywhere!

Shark Rocket vacuum review
The Dual Power Settings on the handle makes it beyond easy to go from bare floors to carpets or rugs!

The Shark Rocket has proved pretty much foolproof from the very first time I used it and I have continued to appreciate its simple, modern design and that there isn't any sort of technical knowledge or extended manual-reading necessary.

No matter where I've tried to go, it has let me!

cleaning computer keyboard

When it comes to hygiene and cleanliness, not only does this vacuum do its job, but it helps you dispose of the dirt without coming into contact with it either. The bagless, clear canister holds quite a large amount for such a small machine and features a one-touch release button to pop open the bottom for emptying.

Shark Rocket empty

As for the internal filters, there is no wasted money buying new ones with the Rocket. These last for the lifetime of the vacuum and are easily accessible with the latch right on top — all you have to do is wash off both the foam and felt filters every month, let them air dry and you're ready to go. They won't ever need replacing!

Shark Rocket filters

Retailing for $179.99, the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright is more expensive than the cheap handhelds that you can buy for a fraction of the price but never before has an ultra-light vac been able to outperform a full-size upright!

The Never Loses Suction power and motorized power head provide plenty of suction, the compact size is so easy to hold and use, and the light weight just can't be beat. Even better, this vacuum comes complete with its own wall mounting bracket so that you can give it a permanent home in any extremely convenient location to pull out whenever you need it.

Much faster and easier than taking out a large vacuum, this does a far better job than a broom and is just much more fun. The multiple attachments provide the ability to use this in different environments and spaces and, in all, I'm looking forward to years of less dirt, food, crumbs and dust thanks to Shark!

For more details visit, while info and purchasing information for any number of amazing Shark products be found at and by connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter. Any of their products would make an incredible holiday gift!

Other than the Shark Rocket that I was sent to facilitate my review, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and their high quality products.


Unknown said...

I have been hearing wonderful things about this new Shark and your review was great. I am adding this to my 'Christmas Wish' list. Thank you

Anne said...

I have a Dyson that I love, but it's not much help for vacuuming the stairs. And with two cats, a dog, and carpeted stairs, vacuuming there is a necessity. I've been thinking about the handheld Dyson, but I like the looks of this Shark, and it does more. Thanks for the review.

slehan said...

Hmmm. I just have a small townhouse and don't like using my big vacuum. I think this would be perfect for me. Thanks for the review.

Janet W. said...

The compact feature would be wonderful to use on my stairs! I'm so tired of breaking my back just to vacuum my stairs!

Liz Mays said...

That is absolutely huge that the filter can just be washed and doesn't need replacing! I actually think this wouldn't be a bad one to pull out after meals to get all that crap that has fallen on the floor!

Unknown said...

I could really use this around the staircase and the computer!

Anonymous said...

i just got one of these at a great black friday price!!! its awesome!

won said...

I like the 12 inch extended reach and the brush for cleaning the keyboard. Looks like a nice cleaner.
Wendy T

Betty Roberts said...

Looks great! Im in the market for a new vacuum but i dont want to get a big bulky one. I really like that this is lightweight has the microfiber attachment and the pet hair tool!

laurie nykaza said...

I love that it has the Dust-Away Attachment with Microfiber Pad with having lots of pets in the house it would help me keep up with keeping their loose hair picked up.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is full of features. I would have thought the price point would be way higher, so I'm impressed by that. Hmmm new vac for Christmas I think?!

Unknown said...

I remember we used to have a Dustbuster. It is very convenient to have something light weight, that does not have a million parts, that you can use and put away without a huge production. Thank you for this review, this looks like a convenient little vacuum.

Jasmine P said...

I want one of these so bad!