Thursday, June 5, 2014

Simplify Your Summer with Dawn Hand Renewal {Prize Pack Giveaway!}

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While I've never claimed to be all that talented in the kitchen, I still love the feeling of putting a homemade meal on the table for my family. Just seeing the results — whether they be a casserole, lasagna, tacos, stew or more — always makes me happy.

However, while making these one-pot dishes can be a real time-saver, it's the nightmare of the clean-up that can quickly wipe the smile off of my face. The caked-on chunks or baked-in stains and messes made from sauces are really not what I want to deal with after having already spent enough time cooking.

Therefore, although washing dishes may never be at the top of my favorites list, I always look for ways to not only get the cleaning done as quickly as possible, but hopefully with a side benefit or two. Maybe a pleasant aroma, a luxurious feel, extra skin moisturizing...

Which is why Dawn and their new line of Dawn Hand Renewal products are just the thing to make me reconsider hanging up my apron for good.

Dawn Hand Renewal

Already known for creating high quality products that provide superior cleaning and grease-cutting power, Dawn's line of Dawn Hand Renewal is also able to turn dishwashing into a moisture-replenishing regime for your hands!

In essence, Dawn has combined its proven power with the hand-nurturing effects of Olay Beauty so that, in just three uses, your hands feel softer than before and your dishes continue to be sparkling clean!

As my interest was already peaked hearing that my skin could actually be noticeably softer and more moisturized, it wasn't going to take much convincing to want to give Dawn Hand Renewal a try. But then Dawn made things even more enticing by including everything we would need to have a luxuriously pampering afternoon as well!

Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay

How cute is this?

Little Sister B and I were more than ready to put our goodies to work and spoil ourselves with a little pampering!

After a leisurely lunch, the two of us started by putting Dawn Hand Renewal on the job of cleaning up the mess in the kitchen.

washing dishes

Next, we followed the easy instructions to mix up our exfoliating Oatmeal Face Masks...

oatmeal face mask

...and applied them to our clean, dry faces.

Then it was time to kick back and relax for a minute...

exfoliating face mask
Mental note: when the instructions say "ground oatmeal," they might not mean to just toss in oats?

...before we headed back to the kitchen to see the magic that the Dawn Hand Renewal had performed on our crusty dishes.

The result?

clean dishes


After a few minutes rinsing everything off (and playing around in the water, because one of us finds water extremely fascinating), not only were our dishes sparkling clean, but our hands felt smooth and soft. Even better, there was just the tiniest hint of the Cucumber & Melon Scent leftover that made them even more splendid!

Dawn Hand Renewal review

This summer, I plan on taking advantage of simple luxuries when I can, starting with Dawn Hand Renewal. Why wouldn't I reach for the bottle that is going to powerfully wash away grease while also moisturizing my hands?

In fact, I'm looking forward to not worrying about future cooking — and the aftermath from it — now that Dawn Hand Renewal has made clean-up such a breeze... with added pampering! More information about this great new dishwashing soap can be found on the Dawn website, as well as by connecting with this innovative company on Facebook and Twitter.

Plus, thanks to their generosity, one person is going to get to see just how much fun they can have washing the dishes as well, because...

One lucky person will win a Dawn Hand Renewal Pampering Prize Pack*!

Dawn giveaway
Prize Pack includes (1) Bottle of Dawn Hand Renewal, (1) Hand towel, (1) Headband, (1) Mixing bowl, (1) Maple Muddler, (2) packages of oatmeal, and (1) Oatmeal face mask recipe.

This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Dawn. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.